Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reboot, Redux, ReWHATEVER

It's been so long since I have done a #Days (wink wink) blog. First off, let me explain that. The show was reaching a point of stale that I had no comments what was going on onscreen, let alone offscreen between actors on the show. I've made it a point to not comment on actors at this point because no one can handle criticism even when it is constructive anymore, so those comments I will keep to myself. (my staple example: I once said Rafe was a moron, and this one lady said I was mean to Galen....yeah no sweetie, and Rafe is still not a real person, nor is he Galen). Also, my computer broke for an entire month, so I haven't been able to comment on exits, storylines, and the Days reboot this week.

So AWAY WE GO. Remember be prepared to have been warned.

Exits of Four Female Characters: We said goodbye to Taylor, Vivian, and Carly all in one day on the show. Thinking it is pretty clear you all know I hated the character of Taylor. She was so freaking annoying, and she had more screentime than most of the character favorites. That being said I was glad she exited, but was it entirely necessary to make the whole prostitute/Quinn storyline horror show about her in the end? No it didn't. It also made no sense she got a longer goodbye than two veterans of the show, but I digress. Sayonara Taylor, may you go mute offscreen.

Vivian's goodbye had to be the worst. There was singing people....SINGING! She was carted off to India to star in Bollywood movies. Excuse my language but WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Then you have Carly boarding a plane for a minute and a half and the next day Melanie forgets her. Okay then! The way they wrote for Carly I was half expecting her to hit her head on the plane door and die of a brain hemorrhage. My point: it is really great the show treats female actresses onscreen as well as they do offscreen. (SARCASM). So whether you hated these character it really is not the point...the point is the show can do the same to YOUR favorites, but unfortunately there is very little room for respect and professional courtesy in this sort of business.

Then there is poor Chloe who gets thrown into a coma. Out of all four characters, she had the best reasons for STAYING in Salem. She has love interests at every turn, friends, and enemies. It made sense for her to stay but the "powers that be" decided why would we keep someone who would be giving us free press on a highly watched network in PRIMETIME. The great decisions just keep getting better. Kudos to everyone for putting up with bad writing, and working their butts off. Extra kudos go to Nadia for putting up with this crap for 10 years, where they turned a once loved character into a moronic nymphomaniac for no reason whatsoever.

Now on to the REBOOT: Did I enjoy the Salem Horton town square unveiling...Brace yourselves...YES.

I am as shocked as the rest of you. I was excited by new scenery, ensemble scenes, different character interactions, and I can tell the writing was different in a good way.

Do I enjoy the fact that Carrie has uttered about 5 lines of dialogue since she has been back..YES THANK GOD! I will NEVER like her. You cannot pay me.

Here is where the warning comes in...has this been a wonderful kick off week and ode to the old Days? Yes it has, however STORYLINES HAVE NOT started completely. This is the storyline setup so of course it's going to be interesting, but I will reserve judgement of all things until the next time I'm pissed off at this show...which should be about a week from now.

Bo and are still boring, now you are just boring with lots of making out. Your fans wanted a story, and we get dose of diabetic I love you, no I love you more stuff. This better be headed in some kind of direction.

Maggie and Victor.....cute but you just know shit is about to go down.

Justin and Adrienne....very cute but guess what....stuck in the nightmare that is recurring.

Chad and much potential but let's see if they are smart enough to use them.

Marlena and John.....between the long dramatic pauses, the eyebrow arches, and the something must smell in this room looks.....I'm not even going to front, I secretly love how annoyingly perfect they both THINK they are. John acts like Jesus, Marlena thinks she is Mother Teresa with an "I can have sex" badge.

Will...........yeah still gay. They better keep this story because it is the only one I am sticking around for.

I can go on and on but like I said I will reserve judgement......until the day Jack shaves off that scanky gross beard and he gets tested for rabies. Take care everyone. We can get through this, and if not, we can at least continue with the mocking, and I will always be there for that!

P.S. ....since its the hot topic today. If James Scott leaves of his own free will to pursue other things...Good for him. If the show is using all their funds to keep vets onscreen....not cool, but I get it is a business. However, I do not nor will I ever understand why you would dump a two time Emmy nominated actor who you wrote shitty dialogue for, arguably destroyed as a good character, and turned into an even shittier bad character! Do I hate EJ: no, he makes for good story....Do I hate what the writers do to EJ, yes. End of Rant. Love you all, thanks for reading!
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