Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reboot, Redux, ReWHATEVER

It's been so long since I have done a #Days (wink wink) blog. First off, let me explain that. The show was reaching a point of stale that I had no comments what was going on onscreen, let alone offscreen between actors on the show. I've made it a point to not comment on actors at this point because no one can handle criticism even when it is constructive anymore, so those comments I will keep to myself. (my staple example: I once said Rafe was a moron, and this one lady said I was mean to Galen....yeah no sweetie, and Rafe is still not a real person, nor is he Galen). Also, my computer broke for an entire month, so I haven't been able to comment on exits, storylines, and the Days reboot this week.

So AWAY WE GO. Remember be prepared to have been warned.

Exits of Four Female Characters: We said goodbye to Taylor, Vivian, and Carly all in one day on the show. Thinking it is pretty clear you all know I hated the character of Taylor. She was so freaking annoying, and she had more screentime than most of the character favorites. That being said I was glad she exited, but was it entirely necessary to make the whole prostitute/Quinn storyline horror show about her in the end? No it didn't. It also made no sense she got a longer goodbye than two veterans of the show, but I digress. Sayonara Taylor, may you go mute offscreen.

Vivian's goodbye had to be the worst. There was singing people....SINGING! She was carted off to India to star in Bollywood movies. Excuse my language but WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Then you have Carly boarding a plane for a minute and a half and the next day Melanie forgets her. Okay then! The way they wrote for Carly I was half expecting her to hit her head on the plane door and die of a brain hemorrhage. My point: it is really great the show treats female actresses onscreen as well as they do offscreen. (SARCASM). So whether you hated these character it really is not the point...the point is the show can do the same to YOUR favorites, but unfortunately there is very little room for respect and professional courtesy in this sort of business.

Then there is poor Chloe who gets thrown into a coma. Out of all four characters, she had the best reasons for STAYING in Salem. She has love interests at every turn, friends, and enemies. It made sense for her to stay but the "powers that be" decided why would we keep someone who would be giving us free press on a highly watched network in PRIMETIME. The great decisions just keep getting better. Kudos to everyone for putting up with bad writing, and working their butts off. Extra kudos go to Nadia for putting up with this crap for 10 years, where they turned a once loved character into a moronic nymphomaniac for no reason whatsoever.

Now on to the REBOOT: Did I enjoy the Salem Horton town square unveiling...Brace yourselves...YES.

I am as shocked as the rest of you. I was excited by new scenery, ensemble scenes, different character interactions, and I can tell the writing was different in a good way.

Do I enjoy the fact that Carrie has uttered about 5 lines of dialogue since she has been back..YES THANK GOD! I will NEVER like her. You cannot pay me.

Here is where the warning comes in...has this been a wonderful kick off week and ode to the old Days? Yes it has, however STORYLINES HAVE NOT started completely. This is the storyline setup so of course it's going to be interesting, but I will reserve judgement of all things until the next time I'm pissed off at this show...which should be about a week from now.

Bo and are still boring, now you are just boring with lots of making out. Your fans wanted a story, and we get dose of diabetic I love you, no I love you more stuff. This better be headed in some kind of direction.

Maggie and Victor.....cute but you just know shit is about to go down.

Justin and Adrienne....very cute but guess what....stuck in the nightmare that is recurring.

Chad and much potential but let's see if they are smart enough to use them.

Marlena and John.....between the long dramatic pauses, the eyebrow arches, and the something must smell in this room looks.....I'm not even going to front, I secretly love how annoyingly perfect they both THINK they are. John acts like Jesus, Marlena thinks she is Mother Teresa with an "I can have sex" badge.

Will...........yeah still gay. They better keep this story because it is the only one I am sticking around for.

I can go on and on but like I said I will reserve judgement......until the day Jack shaves off that scanky gross beard and he gets tested for rabies. Take care everyone. We can get through this, and if not, we can at least continue with the mocking, and I will always be there for that!

P.S. ....since its the hot topic today. If James Scott leaves of his own free will to pursue other things...Good for him. If the show is using all their funds to keep vets onscreen....not cool, but I get it is a business. However, I do not nor will I ever understand why you would dump a two time Emmy nominated actor who you wrote shitty dialogue for, arguably destroyed as a good character, and turned into an even shittier bad character! Do I hate EJ: no, he makes for good story....Do I hate what the writers do to EJ, yes. End of Rant. Love you all, thanks for reading!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'd Like September to Get Here NOW

I'm basically doing this blog today because people have been missing it! I wish I had new things to report though. The show is pretty sucky, and supposedly September is when the BIG CHANGES start to happen. So far Marlena and John, Carrie and Austin, and Jack are the confirmed returns.

Okay where to start...Rafe 2 was finally revealed. My take on it was that it was STUPID. The huge reveal was so lackluster. Rafe 2 was funny, but what wasn't funny was the huge waste of time that this story took to happen. It was not entertaining. Also involving Bo and Hope now..While I like big story plots involving a bunch of characters...this wasn't done well at all. Hope and Bo just stand there every single time repeating Sami dialogue or vice versa. Also EJ and Stefano got caught, but won't really get in trouble which we knew would happen anyway so again...WHAT WAS THE POINT? At least we had cute Johnny stuff but even he is getting put on the backburner.

Chloe is sleeping with ugly people, while Quinn is reconnecting with Vivian. Again I don't care because Vivian will be sent off and Chloe is just getting tortured again for no reason and nothing great will come of it because she is also leaving. Quinn is gross and I don't need him to stick around if Chloe and Vivian are not going to. Either bring Chloe back or show Quinn the door. He had potential as a villain until it was decided he was Vivian's son, which still makes NO SENSE at all. The plus side of Vivian looks like she will be reunited with......IVANNNNNNNN. He should have been with her from the beginning but at least he will be there to see her off.

Quinn is also going after Carly now. Again...I could care less. Carly's drug storyline is terrible. She could overdose tomorrow and I could really care less because the story is written so bad. I'm sure with her dying breath she will be screaming she loves Daniel which is complete and utter bullshit. She loves Bo. They should have just made her a total bitch who tried to keep Bo. That would have made more sense than falling in love with Daniel and snorting pain killers. Also, Jen making the situation worse by letting Carly off the hook for the drugs...ALSO stupid. I don't care about Carly 2.0. She isn't Carly 1.0 and they had no intention of any kind of character development at all, or chance of a decent story because she was only brought on for ratings. Daniel DOES NOT want to get with Carly. This is making a pathetic character even more pathetic. DO NOT want to see it thanks, nor do I need to see her go to rehab. This whole thing was a waste of time, and when it comes down to it don't be surprised if in a few months we find out that Melanie is not Carly's daughter with the way the show is going.

Chad and Abby. Stop talking about babies, you guys barely know each other. Date and be normal and stop with all the heavy daddy issues. We get it, you don't like your dads....Shut up.

Lexie....still waiting for a damn affair.

Stefano...stop disowning children or you will end up with more adoptive kids like you used to, or worse...all of Kate's kids will move back into the DiMera mansion. Concentrate on Johnny, he's the real DiMera.

Okay the return of John and Marlena..I honestly think the writers might screw this up, but hey its John and Marlena and they are a CORE supercouple so we can stay hopeful. As far as Carrie and Austin...I want to THROW UP. I LOATHE Carrie, I have never liked her, except for those few months she was with Mike Horton. I don't like her, she's too goody goody, and why bring on another goody goody when we already have Jen and Hope. Carrie is Jen and Hope on SPEED. She always lectures Sami, and unless Sami goes back to old Sami, this does not work. Even if Sami goes back to old Sami (fingers crossed)...bringing Carrie back is a waste of time. She is pointless and a waste of airtime.

My question: Where are the female villains? Nicole and Kate are the only real villains left on the show, and Nicole's very likable actually considering how annoyingly weak the rest of the women are. They needed to bring Kristen back, but they blew it. Perfect opportunity to have a real female villain who did nothing redeeming back on the canvas. You cannot count Vivian because she never gets ANYTHING DONE and she is leaving. So my guess is, bad Sami will be back because there is no one else.

Best storyline going on: Sonny being gay. It's cute, well handled, and actually well written. It has its corny moments when necessary, and its not forced. Adrienne, Justin, and Victor are all interesting to watch and it was great to see them all included in this story. I just wish more stories were like this one. Well written, and interesting to watch. The real test to this story will be bringing Will in and seeing how the Bradys and Kiriakis' interact with the whole thing. It will be going slow but lets just hope that slow means GOOD.

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor........
Yeah Taylor needs to DIE!

I would like the return of a Salem Serial Killer. Death list should be as follows: McCarthy should be killed, followed by ABE, followed by Caroline who gets in the way after the killer goes after Hope, followed by Roman, followed by Taylor who dives in front of EJ. Followed by, I don't care who did it, and they need a damn medal for getting rid of these people. You may proceed to add others as you see fit to be killed, but I cannot see the show getting rid of EJ or Rafe for all you Safes and Ejamis who are still dreaming lol. However I say stab both Rafe and EJ and let them share a hospital room.

End of rant, and hopefully I'll have more to bitch about in the coming weeks. Happy Summer everyone!

Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Words of Marvin Gaye, WHAT'S GOING ON?

Crystal FIRED, Louise FIRED, Bren FIRED, Tamara FIRED, Nadia FIRED, San Francisco FIRED.....

That was my recap by the way, of the firings. I thought Dario and Taylor were waste of space characters, I've made that clear. I don't really mourn their loss, even though I think Tamara is a great actress and Francisco signed off with some class. Their characters were written TERRIBLY.

I don't really understand the Nadia firing out of everyone honestly. She has romantic ties to pretty much the WHOLE DAMN TOWN. She has a history with Kate, Nicole, and Sami doing battle, so to say she had no direction is bogus. They should have fixed her character assassination. A smart character was turned into a ho-bag moron, but then again most of the women on the show have been turned into snivelling whining babies who suffer 24 hours a day.

Quinn had potential to be a great villain but the prostitution thing WAS GROSS! I do not want to watch it and I can't make fun of something so demeaning.

Am I surprised Crystal and Louise were fired? sorry. I love both women but the writers brought them back, gave them shitty writing, and then destroyed them to the point where neither was given screen time. They brought her back for RATINGS, that's what HE WHO SHOULD NOT BE NAMED likes to do. He doesn't give a damn about his show until renewal time. Now he's taking an interest so what happens...He gets rid of them because he really didn't want them around in the first place. I'm convinced this dude gets kicks out of playing God to a fictional town, where he solely has a hard on for a couple named Bo and Hope who he enjoys torturing until he realizes oooooo that's right people are watching. We get it, Bo is the love of Hope's life. WE GET IT, and its boring because you choose to either torture them with the same dialogue EVERY TIME, or decide time for a Bo affair!

Whatever either way, EVERYONE is getting Screwed in this. Bope fans, celebrate ALLL YOU WANT, but the guy will torture you and not deliver anything he promises. If the show was cancelled tomorrow would Bo and Hope be together...YES, will they get more than two lines of dialogue? NO, you know why....THEY WERE TURNED INTO BORING MESSES!

And all the other couples WERE RUINED! #Magic....not moving forward at all....#State....barely any airtime....#Safe....Boring and Ridiculous Doppleganger Crap....#Ejami...apparently EJ has forgotten Sami exits...#Nicole and EVERYONE....She still alone....#Carbo...NEVER HAD A CHANCE......#Broe/#Phloe/#Danloe.....Screwed and not in a good way beyond comparison. #Ejaylor...I JUST PUKED EVERYWHERE...#Will...still not allowed to be gay yet, but slowly, slowly, slowly...oh look SLOWLY...and I could do this for everyone.

As far as RUMORS on the Internet.....And this is where people will start in on me OF COURSE, but I am used to it. Do I agree with a certain blogger's behavior? No, I honestly find it unprofessional and creating a fan war when the show is tanking is never safe or classy. IGNORE HIM IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT. I am not a fan of Kristian Alfonso at all! You all honestly could not PAY me to like her, you know why?...Actually none of your business, it's my opinion. HAHA. Do I agree with the way last night was handled? NO.

As for what I personally believe to be true......welllllllll hahaha ummmmmmm, I don't feel like arguing with people today but I can say that nothing no longer surprises me in Soaps......except crazy fan behavior. ITS JUST A SHOW!

By the way YOU ARE ALL FIRED! xo

Friday, May 27, 2011

I Just Realized that Hot Mess was Sweeps

Okay figured I'd do a blog for this holiday weekend. So Days' has new head writers, but does that mean things will really change? I am not super confident and we'll have to see how this plays out. Word on the Internet is the writers are rewriting some Higley stuff and scrapping some storylines. If Will being gay gets scrapped, well LAME! My vote would be for Chloe's prostitute storyline, Rafe2/Rafe1 lasting a damn eternity, or EJAYLOR.

Something tells me Ejaylor isn't going anywhere. Why do I think this?....Because Days never does what I want lol. I get physically repulsed and bored by these two people together in a room. It would be like watching Abe and Roman get entire episodes where they discuss crime in Salem. Spoiler alert: they have sex next week. No not Abe and Roman, although while visually disturbing that would actually be an intriguing storyline. No EJ and Taylor have sex. Cue the pregnancy, cue the nausea, cue Nicole doing something stupid. Taylor is NOT a sympathetic character, we DO NOT love her like the whole damn town does, and SHE IS WRONG. It is getting really annoying that NO ONE is saying to her that it's wrong to go after your sister's husband. Nicole is RIGHT, and I hope she cuts the bitches face off and we get a new Taylor all over again.

Chloe's storyline I would LOVE to see scrapped. Women on this show get shit on. It's true, but having a woman forced into prostitution is disgusting. Seriously this is a topic that is not comfortable to watch, and you know Days won't do anything impressive writing wise to show the realities of prostitution. All they will do is show Chloe sleeping with some old ugly dude in a wife beater once a week. I can't willingly enjoy watching a woman get raped on a weekly basis, because if Chloe gets blackmailed into doing this then it really is like she is getting raped. GROSS! We know Days loves raping women, it is there thing, but I am really getting tired of the Chloe has to suffer the most crap. Whether you love or hate the character, she was once intelligent and then boom she became a moron who just sleeps around. I don't like Taylor, we all know this, and I wouldn't even want to see HER go through this. It is disgusting and it takes a GREAT DEAL to offend me of all people. Kind of like that off putting DATE RAPE throwaway scene that was done this week. Bad taste, bad writing, and while we all joke about Days writing being bad and medical jargon being inaccurate, the Date Rape scene of a therapist telling Jen about a girl being raped after the girl expressed she didn't want to share her story was...DISGUSTING.

That is the end of that rant, and I will leave you with this to ponder: Will is so gay that when he asked Gaby if she basically wanted to have sex on prom night and she said yes, he gave the I JUST SHIT MY PANTS look. Hot Mess tip of the week: Whether you are a gay male or a lesbian female and unsure about things, don't ask your current heterosexual love interest if they want to have sex because they might say yes.

Dear Quinn, I need some drugs, Much love, Hot Mess Mandy.

Maggie and Victor broke up again, which is amazing since they broke up last week. Not all old people have memory problems. Listen I love these two, but all this build up crap and no payoff is starting to get on my last damn nerve. Speaking of old bags....CAROLINE...I thoroughly enjoyed Sami telling Caroline not to judge her "forgiving Rafe" considering Shawn forgave her for cheating. THANK YOU! It is seriously about time someone put that senile dentures falling out bitch in her place.

Random Question: Where is Hope? First she had that long sleep when one day on Days took place over 15 episodes. Then she finally figured out Maggie and Victor like each other, and then she disappeared. Listen I had to sit through that terrible prison storyline, give the lady something to work with please. Bo and Hope get back together but we don't see them together. That makes PERFECT SENSE.

I did enjoy Carly telling Bo to mind his business this week. LONG OVERDUE thank you. However I find it hysterical she has to be strung out on pills to work up the nerve to tell him off. Bo, you are married and you keep getting in Carly's face when you have made it clear you don't want to be with take my advice...GET OUT OF HER FACE AND GIVE HER SPACE. Yes that rhymed. While I am giving out advice, Dear Carly..Menopause is nothing to be ashamed of, get on a hormone pack you are crying all over the place and having hot flashes. Also, everyone knows you are German now. Deal with it. You are scaring poor Abigail and if you keep this up I am pretty sure Jen will force you into weekly events like Tupperware parties and book club meetings. Also, I'm pretty sure you were in love with Bo last week, so falling for Daniel now makes no sense. Yes he is hot and it is okay to fantasize, but seriously....EWWWWWWWW.

Lexie....Go away seriously if you are not going to cheat on Abe.

Kate and Vivian..... Please just engage in catfights on a daily basis.

Nicole............ Kill Taylor.

Rafe and Sami....just please no babies for now. I'm so confused with Rafe1/Rafe2/Rafe3 that I think Rafe Jr. would just make matters worse.

Brady.....Get naked.

Melanie....If you pick Dario over Brady I will send Taco Bell to the Days set everyday as a form of protest.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!!! Enjoy your holiday and hopefully the storylines GET BETTER!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Got Midol?

This blog is brought to us in part by MIDOL. Feeling achy, cramps, are constant Safe scenes getting you down? Welllllll then you might need MIDOL!

Okay so Rafe 2 has been caught, and Sami FINALLY figured out that Rafe 2 was never Rafe 1. Now, Sami doesn't want EJ to know that she knows that Rafe 2 is not Rafe 1, nor that Rafe 1 is still alive. So Rafe 2 has to be taken care of, and Rafe 1 has to pretend he is Rafe 2 so that no one knows, including EJ and Stefano, that they have been found out that they switched Rafes. Yes I just wrote all that out, and yes you are welcome. Bottom line: Bo/Hope/Rafe1/Sami are all going after EJ for the whole switch thing. How far we have come on this show that everyone is trying to catch the DiMeras for their weird over the top schemes.....oh wait.

Taylor sucks as a character by the way no matter who is playing her. I hope Nicole shoots her because it makes absolutely no sense why everyone likes this character and why EJ loves her. To the five EJAYLOR fans there are, sorry but I think you need a new couple. Now Brady is all up on Taylor for no particular reason. Does the bitch poop gold?

Okay so Chloe got paid by the hot stranger for sex. Am I the only one who has a HUGE PROBLEM with this storyline? This show always puts women in terrible situations but seriously Chloe has been put through crap stories for years and this is just the bottom of the barrel. This isn't like KATE who was a call girl when she was young. This is a regular character who just lost her child, so what better way to get your kid back then to become a Prostitute? WHAT? By the way for the handful of people who think that this will actually show how this is a real story and women really go through this...yeah this is Days. Pretty much we will just see Chloe in bed with fat ugly men in wife beaters who are slobbering all over her. I will throw up everywhere. Drug/alcohol addiction would have made more sense but seriously I'm really over the whole 'Let's torture Chloe crap.' Nicole, Sami, Kate have all committed TERRIBLE crimes and they don't have to go through this crap. END OF RANT.

Melanie...yeah the writers just need to stop putting her in every scene for no reason and actually give her an enjoyable storyline which doesn't include a Spanish Rosetta Stone lesson on a daily basis. Which brings me to Dario.....Shut up. I don't care that you like Melanie. She won't like you until you stop showing interest in her, that's how she works.

Jen and Dan. We get it.

Carly got a visit from Scary Larry. He basically told her she is a waste of space which is.....well sorry it's true. If the writers wrote her better maybe I would care she is doing drugs but honestly the writing is soooo bad that I don't. This is a bad version of Nurse Jackie. Nurse Jackie SNORTS pills by the way...get on that. With all the crying and shaking I'm not watching a drug addict, I'm watching the same old Carly before the drug addiction. In fact I'm not convinced she is a drug addict, I just realize Carly is basically going through Menopause and is having mood swings with a side of Ambien that let's her sleep. The crying...hormones. The flashes. The depression..yep all Menopause.

I'd like to give a special shoutout to Days wardrobe for putting all the characters in the same clothes except Lexie who got to don two outfits. Way to not work and keep us on the same day for 15 days in a row leading the story to progress to yeah NOWHERE FAST.

To the Days writers, congrats on the Emmy nomination you didn't deserve. Spoiler Alert: you don't have a snowball's chance of winning unless you send all the Emmy voters some Cheerios. Here is a challenge for you: write some STRONG WOMEN on the show, Let Maggie and Victor have sex, let Will be GAY ALREADY, and stop boring me! Thank you. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bring on the Blackmail and the Prostitutes

Well it looks like Rafe 1 + Rafe 2 will be coming to an end sort of. Rafe finally got to the safe house and ran into Sami. Rafe 2 should be caught soon, which means Rafe 1 will be pretending to be Rafe 2...did you catch all that? Yeah the writers expect us to believe this crap. I secretly hope there is a Rafe 3 somewhere and he is the gay one who Will finds love with. That won't be awkward at all. "Hi Gaby, we can't have sex because I'm gay and in love with your brother's other clone." ...The scary thing is this can actually happen on the show. We all know Rafe 4 is Rafaellla the female Rafe. Everyone should have their own Rafe, coming to stores Christmas 2012.

Someone get Carly some pills, it's been a hot minute.

Melanie and Dario or Melanie and Brady. Listen I don't normally pick sides in soap fandom couple things because it's a soap and I get they change and break up. So normally you see me just make fun of EVERY couple and EVERY character. First off Mario...The Faux Spanish Keanu Reeves thing just is not working for me. The writers are not even making Dario interesting at all..but that seems to be the same for the rest of the stereotypical cringeworthy Hernandez family. Melanie doesn't even seem interested. So we got rid of Nathan, who she ACTUALLY cared about so that she can be with Dario. Okay but she's not INTO Dario at all, or at least she's not showing it. Now, Melanie and Brady....they still seem brother/sisterish to me but at least Melanie has feelings for him and it SHOWS. So FOR NOW, I'm going to be Team Brelanie, but this could change in a week. Really I'm just Team Eric Martsolf Shirtless and Pantless.

Daniel and Jennifer. I never thought I'd say this but Jen seems too old for Daniel lol. Yes he dated Kate, but he really dates younger women. Will Jen ever really be over Jack, OF COURSE NOT! So I'm not sure why I would want to root for this couple when Jack is always there in the background. While I think they ARE CUTE and a better fit than Carly/Daniel, the writers keep CONSISTENTLY mentioning Jack every five seconds like this couple already doesn't have a chance. Also, I do not remember Jen being so WEIRD. Jack was the weird one that was all over the place. Why the hell did they change Jen? I don't get these writers decisions EVER. As far as Daniel goes...if he is NOT going to be with Chloe, and he is NOT going to be with Jen, and EWWW if he even touches Carly again, there is only ONE other person he should be linked with....HIS DEAD WIFE REBECCA. HELLO! Cast that role and bring back the woman he loves and make it a REAL triangle. THANK YOU.

Yeah Will still gay....I like being RIGHT.

Chad...boring! Throw a suit on the boy and have him kill someone.

Lexie, oh dear Lexie. Still married to ABE (BLAHHHH), yet always stuck being the bridesmaid to all the other brides on the show. Bring back the bitch and take shit over. Nothing is better than Hope vs. Lexie when she was was stealing babies. She needs a good affair, she deserves it after all these years!

Nicole is about to TEAR SHIT UP. When I say shit, clearly I mean EJAYLOR. Boring couple, pointless love story, and really should never have had anything to do with each other that quickly. I'd still like to know why the whole damn town loves Taylor, is she slipping them drugs and alcohol? What is going on? It's seriously lovely that Nicole's plan to torture EJ is to STAY married to him. The girl knows what she's doing!

Chloe....drinking: Check....tanning: Check....about to become a prostitute and sleep with randoms like a nympho: Almost Checked.

Sorry if I missed any characters and/or storyline but not much is really progressing, until May Sweeps...or as I like to call it base on Spoilers: May SNORESVILLE.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Days of My Hangover

First off I'd like to say HEYYYYY to everyone I have met last weekend at DCE Dallas. It was so much fun and I'd like to thank DCE Charity Events for putting on a great show. Also, to Nadia, Brandon, Mark, Eric, Shawn, and James...thanks for being so gracious with your fans. You were all awesome. Also I'd like to apologize for those who heard me sing...I was drinking and yeah shit happens, but I lived up to the name Hot Mess. I would love to do a recap of all the events, but clearly I am still drunk and don't remember everything. Also, many thanks for everyone who told me they loved my Days Play by Play, I really do appreciate the kind words. This is all for you the fans....
and clearly I mean the fans who can take a joke, and realize the characters are NOT REAL.

Carly is a drug addict. Maybe she watched Days and it made her turn to drugs. No but seriously, WHY PILLS?! Could the writers have picked anything more boring? And to make matters worse they had her go from tranquilizers today to a anti-depressant, to God knows what next. The lady was hugging Hope and Bo (who were terrified), she's breathing heavily all over the place, crying on everyone's shoulder, then screaming at them, and then touching everyone's face. What's next dry heaving? It's called a nervous breakdown, not pill addiction. Also all of Carly's behavior matches Taylor's behavior, so does she have a drug problem too? Oh no, she's just a waste of space. Tamara Braun YOU BETTER MAKE THIS WORK! Carly also threw in a disgusting make out session with Daniel today.......If Melanie saw it she would have thrown up too.

Unless Carly mainlines some drugs and sells her body for sex, I'm not interested in this breakdown crap. It has been done, and you know what...LIFE COULD BE WORSE! Sleep with the damn new doctor and get over yourself. Speaking of sex....CHLOE! Chloe lost baby Parker this week since Philip left town with the little one in tow. What a load of horseshit. Chloe has been wanting a baby forever and she gets punished for a bender in a bar. Nicole has done worse! So Chloe continues to suffer until the next hot guy comes along for her to have sex with. The SOB better get here fast because Chloe without sex is like a day without sunlight.... By the way, thanks Days writers for the shoddy out of character exit for Phillip. I'm sure Phloes everywhere are pissed and I don't blame them.

Daniel and Jennifer. We know you are getting together, we know. You can stop bumping into each other and touching each other in awkward manners. WE GET IT!

Estimado Darío, dejar de hablar español. Por favor. Usted es muy agradable a la vista, pero usted me está dando un dolor de cabeza. Creo que Melanie le gusta. Sólo una suposición.

I hope Dario understands Spanish.

So Troy killed Arianna. We still don't care thanks for that.

Fake Rafe killed himself some Faye, annoyed Sami into leaving for Colorado, and pissed off the whole town. Can he write for the show? Is Fake Rafe funny...OF COURSE, but is this storyline crappy...YES. Meanwhile the real Rafe is doing Arts and Crafts while plotting his escape to somewhere we don't know of yet because he has no clue who he is. Riveting!

EJ and Taylor are in much in love that they make doves cry. Okay I cannot really prove that but they make me want to puke. When Nicole finds out I hope she chases Taylor around with a shovel and decaptitates her. I don't know how Tamara Braun is going to save the Taylor character, but she got a big task ahead of her and I'm pretty sure she has it in her to do it. If she fails...yeah let's decapitate the bitch.

Theo and Ciara have run away and are still missing. If Ciara doesn't come back 16 and pregnant this show really missed a good opportunity! I hope. Ciara. Comes back with Theo. and He fixes. way Ciara talks. Maybe she needs a. Ciara needs new battery. Because clearly she is a ROBOT! I hope Lexie takes Ciara over her knee and whoops some ass showing he true DiMera colors. If she can't have an affair she can at least be an abusive mother to other people's children.

Oh yeah and I can't forget.... Will still gay. Gay still Will.
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