Friday, March 25, 2011

Like Sand Annoyingly Stuck In Your Shoe....

Rafe 2 is still alive, still being creepy, and there is no end in sight for this story right now, but ya know what even if it lasted ANOTHER day it would still be too long. So which fans got screwed over by this story. Let's round it up. We have EJ fans who are screwed over, Rafe fans being screwed over, Sami fans (because let's face it this is NOT the real Sami) and then the general Days fan who has to watch this shit or based on ratings..NOT watch this shit. I'm not going to go over the whole rape scenario because it's just an argument that I don't want to have, but I will say that this is the WRITERS fault. Sami is looking stupid, Rafe 2 while sometimes funny is seriously gross, and EJ is off falling in love with Taylor...for NO reason whatsoever. EJ/Taylor makes no sense and the buildup was a huge FAILURE. Sorry but it makes no sense, and when does Tamara Braun get here because you know who is just terrible and making me ill.

Another problem: Dear Melanie.....I don't really like you right now because you are being a whiny brat, get over it! Even your father Daniel is moving on with his life but you are just being a miserable obnoxious freak and it's killing me. Daniel hanging out with Jen is more fun because Melanie is always having a pity party.


Nathan.....leave quicker.

Dario. You better be gay and you better be gay with Will. Seriously this show needs a Will/Dario/Melanie love triangle. The possibility of a gay character on the show is a big rumor, but it's still just a rumor. My thoughts...if it does not involve Will, then it is a huge cop out. Ya'll know I said he was gay for the longest time ever. The sad part about all of this: Days writers, no matter which character it is, will probably RUIN this storyline with their terrible writing, story arcs, ideas, etc.

Vivian and Kate had a cakefight. It only lasted 5 seconds. Next time IT NEEDS TO BE LONGER! The show is missing its humor and the fans are suffering for it.

Chad and Abigail. Oh just have teen sex already and spare me the crap conversations.

Victor and Maggie: the one BRIGHT spot. FINALLY they admitted they are into each other. Perfect buildup, perfect writing, but if they screw this up I will kill the writers. Okay not really, but I might stop watching the show. These two need ROMANCE thanks.

Carly....I don't blame you for taking drugs your life sucks. Oh yeah SPOILER!

Bo and Hope: Okay seriously I've been reminded of how you met once every six months, so can you please just move on with your lives and live in the present?! No wonder Ciara wants to run away...she's tired of hearing Bo and Hope have the same damn conversation. Even Theo's had it and he likes everyone! Dear writers, Bo and Hope need a story, not the crap you are writing.

So just to recap: Days of Our Lives right call it a hot mess would be an insult to ME, so I am just going to call it a despicable steaming pile of crap. Sorry but it's true.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do You Believe in Magic?

I am pretty sure absolutely nothing really happened this week storywise.

Taylor.....still alive. Just die and come back as a better actress quicker please.

Rafe2/Rafe.....story that won't die and will probably be with us for another year and a half.

Justin/Adrienne....Apparently still on the show, who knew? They got engaged and we didn't even see them really court each other or have cute scenes. Just a lovely throw away to remind us they are still together. Then throw in a random Lexie scene, mixed in with some weird Vivian shit and you have a smorgasbord of CRAP!

Hope.....she gets out of jail and is apparently looking better than ever. Clearly someone has been stealing pub food. So now Hope is reduced to giving everyone in town advice just like Maggie does. It's a Horton thing! are creepy, please leave the show sooner rather than later. Make sure you take Melanie's new personality with you!

Chloe and Phil are bonding over baby Parker. Someone they both managed to get haircuts and tans as they are parenting.

Will.......yeah you know.

Abby/Chad/Gaby/Will....Ok I used to love the teens storylines on this show. Now...not so much. I hope they don't screw this up royally but hey it's Days so....they will.

Stefano....I feel bad that Stefano has to deal with Rafe 1. Its beneath him to be doing this drugging someone and changing their memory thing for the 89th time.

ONLY REASON TO WATCH DAYS RIGHT NOW: Maggie + Victor = Best Storyline, Best Couple, Best buildup to a couple, best DIALOGUE, and most romantic shit ever. When your best couple on a show are senior citizens and they are only on about twice a month...YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Magic is cool, classy, and refreshing for this show because its something we are not used to...GOOD WRITING and a great soap romance. Put them on more and stop suffocating us with 105 Rafe scenes a day and EJ blinking at Taylor. Thanks!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Need the MemoryErasing Drug!

Well I'm not to thrilled with Days of Our Lives lately. The storylines are terrible currently. I will give a big KUDOS to Molly and Nadia for their acting these past few weeks though. Leave it to Molly and Nadia to somehow work through the crap that is their scripts and have good performances considering the dialogue/material.

Chloe went crazy, lost Parker, and now she just needs a damn shower. Somewhere between that all she got a manicure and a tan, but that is neither here nor there. Also, apparently if your hair is disheveled and you wear sweats it means you crazy....that's like 98% of the Days audience. Way to go NBC! Melanie also lost her child and she broke up with Phillip. I thought it was dumb she was having a baby anyway but whatever. Now she has to deal with the wonderful world of Nathan, who has apparently become a weird stalker. Nathan is so smothering now that I have trouble breathing during his scenes. So not only did Days give Mark Hapka the boot, they also decided to single handily destroy the character of Nathan. GREAT!

Side note: Stephanie is now a bitch. A bitch who has a backbone. So Shelley announces she is leaving and THEN they decide to give the character some depth? uh huh. Stephanie also got dry humped by Rafe number 2. It's no wonder she left the show. Had they made Stephanie a bitch with some independence in the first place I would have loved her...but Noooooooo.

Will and Gaby admitted their feelings for one another. Yeah Will still gay and Gaby will be so traumatized by her boyfriend being gay she will turn lesbian. This show isn't on the rainbow network for nothing!

Rafe 2/Rafe/Sami/EJ/Stefano: END THIS SHIT! We get it, he'll start beating Sami next at this rate.

Taylor: DIE in a vat of acid and come back as Tamara Braun.

Phillip, Brady, and Chloe are living in the Kiriakis mansion now with Baby Parker...can you say THREESOME! No wonder Victor is pissed. By the way what the hell happened to Victor and Maggie. They should not be taking it slow at their age. I don't want to see a Brady/Victor war, I'd rather see Maggie/Victor love!

Chad and EJ bonding.......Thank God Johnny was in the scene...that's all I am saying.

New Abby: Okay it is still early but as of right now....I LIKE HER. Shocking I know that I like someone already. She has some cool points: She doesn't like Jack, thinks for herself, and she cute. She already has a crush on Chad....well what do you expect he is the only young guy in town she isn't related to. She has no choice! So we'll see but so far so good.

Shoutout this week goes to: Nicole Walker DiMera. She married EJ, looked great at her wedding of big haired people, and she had sex with EJ. But really this woman deserves special kudos because she had to spend ALL THOSE EXCRUCIATING MOMENTS WITH TAYLOR! Its amazing she is still alive.
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