Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Words of Marvin Gaye, WHAT'S GOING ON?

Crystal FIRED, Louise FIRED, Bren FIRED, Tamara FIRED, Nadia FIRED, San Francisco FIRED.....

That was my recap by the way, of the firings. I thought Dario and Taylor were waste of space characters, I've made that clear. I don't really mourn their loss, even though I think Tamara is a great actress and Francisco signed off with some class. Their characters were written TERRIBLY.

I don't really understand the Nadia firing out of everyone honestly. She has romantic ties to pretty much the WHOLE DAMN TOWN. She has a history with Kate, Nicole, and Sami doing battle, so to say she had no direction is bogus. They should have fixed her character assassination. A smart character was turned into a ho-bag moron, but then again most of the women on the show have been turned into snivelling whining babies who suffer 24 hours a day.

Quinn had potential to be a great villain but the prostitution thing WAS GROSS! I do not want to watch it and I can't make fun of something so demeaning.

Am I surprised Crystal and Louise were fired? sorry. I love both women but the writers brought them back, gave them shitty writing, and then destroyed them to the point where neither was given screen time. They brought her back for RATINGS, that's what HE WHO SHOULD NOT BE NAMED likes to do. He doesn't give a damn about his show until renewal time. Now he's taking an interest so what happens...He gets rid of them because he really didn't want them around in the first place. I'm convinced this dude gets kicks out of playing God to a fictional town, where he solely has a hard on for a couple named Bo and Hope who he enjoys torturing until he realizes oooooo that's right people are watching. We get it, Bo is the love of Hope's life. WE GET IT, and its boring because you choose to either torture them with the same dialogue EVERY TIME, or decide time for a Bo affair!

Whatever either way, EVERYONE is getting Screwed in this. Bope fans, celebrate ALLL YOU WANT, but the guy will torture you and not deliver anything he promises. If the show was cancelled tomorrow would Bo and Hope be together...YES, will they get more than two lines of dialogue? NO, you know why....THEY WERE TURNED INTO BORING MESSES!

And all the other couples WERE RUINED! #Magic....not moving forward at all....#State....barely any airtime....#Safe....Boring and Ridiculous Doppleganger Crap....#Ejami...apparently EJ has forgotten Sami exits...#Nicole and EVERYONE....She still alone....#Carbo...NEVER HAD A CHANCE......#Broe/#Phloe/#Danloe.....Screwed and not in a good way beyond comparison. #Ejaylor...I JUST PUKED EVERYWHERE...#Will...still not allowed to be gay yet, but slowly, slowly, slowly...oh look SLOWLY...and I could do this for everyone.

As far as RUMORS on the Internet.....And this is where people will start in on me OF COURSE, but I am used to it. Do I agree with a certain blogger's behavior? No, I honestly find it unprofessional and creating a fan war when the show is tanking is never safe or classy. IGNORE HIM IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT. I am not a fan of Kristian Alfonso at all! You all honestly could not PAY me to like her, you know why?...Actually none of your business, it's my opinion. HAHA. Do I agree with the way last night was handled? NO.

As for what I personally believe to be true......welllllllll hahaha ummmmmmm, I don't feel like arguing with people today but I can say that nothing no longer surprises me in Soaps......except crazy fan behavior. ITS JUST A SHOW!

By the way YOU ARE ALL FIRED! xo
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