Friday, July 15, 2011

I'd Like September to Get Here NOW

I'm basically doing this blog today because people have been missing it! I wish I had new things to report though. The show is pretty sucky, and supposedly September is when the BIG CHANGES start to happen. So far Marlena and John, Carrie and Austin, and Jack are the confirmed returns.

Okay where to start...Rafe 2 was finally revealed. My take on it was that it was STUPID. The huge reveal was so lackluster. Rafe 2 was funny, but what wasn't funny was the huge waste of time that this story took to happen. It was not entertaining. Also involving Bo and Hope now..While I like big story plots involving a bunch of characters...this wasn't done well at all. Hope and Bo just stand there every single time repeating Sami dialogue or vice versa. Also EJ and Stefano got caught, but won't really get in trouble which we knew would happen anyway so again...WHAT WAS THE POINT? At least we had cute Johnny stuff but even he is getting put on the backburner.

Chloe is sleeping with ugly people, while Quinn is reconnecting with Vivian. Again I don't care because Vivian will be sent off and Chloe is just getting tortured again for no reason and nothing great will come of it because she is also leaving. Quinn is gross and I don't need him to stick around if Chloe and Vivian are not going to. Either bring Chloe back or show Quinn the door. He had potential as a villain until it was decided he was Vivian's son, which still makes NO SENSE at all. The plus side of Vivian looks like she will be reunited with......IVANNNNNNNN. He should have been with her from the beginning but at least he will be there to see her off.

Quinn is also going after Carly now. Again...I could care less. Carly's drug storyline is terrible. She could overdose tomorrow and I could really care less because the story is written so bad. I'm sure with her dying breath she will be screaming she loves Daniel which is complete and utter bullshit. She loves Bo. They should have just made her a total bitch who tried to keep Bo. That would have made more sense than falling in love with Daniel and snorting pain killers. Also, Jen making the situation worse by letting Carly off the hook for the drugs...ALSO stupid. I don't care about Carly 2.0. She isn't Carly 1.0 and they had no intention of any kind of character development at all, or chance of a decent story because she was only brought on for ratings. Daniel DOES NOT want to get with Carly. This is making a pathetic character even more pathetic. DO NOT want to see it thanks, nor do I need to see her go to rehab. This whole thing was a waste of time, and when it comes down to it don't be surprised if in a few months we find out that Melanie is not Carly's daughter with the way the show is going.

Chad and Abby. Stop talking about babies, you guys barely know each other. Date and be normal and stop with all the heavy daddy issues. We get it, you don't like your dads....Shut up.

Lexie....still waiting for a damn affair.

Stefano...stop disowning children or you will end up with more adoptive kids like you used to, or worse...all of Kate's kids will move back into the DiMera mansion. Concentrate on Johnny, he's the real DiMera.

Okay the return of John and Marlena..I honestly think the writers might screw this up, but hey its John and Marlena and they are a CORE supercouple so we can stay hopeful. As far as Carrie and Austin...I want to THROW UP. I LOATHE Carrie, I have never liked her, except for those few months she was with Mike Horton. I don't like her, she's too goody goody, and why bring on another goody goody when we already have Jen and Hope. Carrie is Jen and Hope on SPEED. She always lectures Sami, and unless Sami goes back to old Sami, this does not work. Even if Sami goes back to old Sami (fingers crossed)...bringing Carrie back is a waste of time. She is pointless and a waste of airtime.

My question: Where are the female villains? Nicole and Kate are the only real villains left on the show, and Nicole's very likable actually considering how annoyingly weak the rest of the women are. They needed to bring Kristen back, but they blew it. Perfect opportunity to have a real female villain who did nothing redeeming back on the canvas. You cannot count Vivian because she never gets ANYTHING DONE and she is leaving. So my guess is, bad Sami will be back because there is no one else.

Best storyline going on: Sonny being gay. It's cute, well handled, and actually well written. It has its corny moments when necessary, and its not forced. Adrienne, Justin, and Victor are all interesting to watch and it was great to see them all included in this story. I just wish more stories were like this one. Well written, and interesting to watch. The real test to this story will be bringing Will in and seeing how the Bradys and Kiriakis' interact with the whole thing. It will be going slow but lets just hope that slow means GOOD.

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor........
Yeah Taylor needs to DIE!

I would like the return of a Salem Serial Killer. Death list should be as follows: McCarthy should be killed, followed by ABE, followed by Caroline who gets in the way after the killer goes after Hope, followed by Roman, followed by Taylor who dives in front of EJ. Followed by, I don't care who did it, and they need a damn medal for getting rid of these people. You may proceed to add others as you see fit to be killed, but I cannot see the show getting rid of EJ or Rafe for all you Safes and Ejamis who are still dreaming lol. However I say stab both Rafe and EJ and let them share a hospital room.

End of rant, and hopefully I'll have more to bitch about in the coming weeks. Happy Summer everyone!


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