Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Christmas I Gave EJ My Heart and the Very Next Year I Want To Decapitate Him

So this Christmas EJ is a huge son of a bitch...sorry but he is. The writers are making EJ a really really horrible bastard that I just cannot root for. I do not care if he REALLY loves Sami, he is acting like Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights and guess what...I HATED THAT BOOK TOO! Acting like a complete asshole does NOT win you the woman you love. He is putting it into his kid's head that his mother hates him...sorry that is seriously DISGUSTING. I liked EJ but I just cannot get with this whole let's get the kids to hate Mommy storyline. P.S. this does not mean I like Rafe any better. So glad that he is now married to Sami and can enable her even more. She DOES NOT LISTEN TO YOU...get that through the thick skull.

Carly wants a baby....pure speculation but I have never seen her so excited. Also if she has a baby that means she will finally have a friend! Perhaps this time she can actually raise a child instead of having it stolen from her for what would be the THIRD time. Carly and Chloe are still discussing their secret. In fact if you rewind to three months ago its pretty much the same conversation they had back then. Parker is cute by the way and probably going to be spoiled. Things are going soooooo great for Chloe which means shit will hit the fan in about two weeks. Carly is also obsessed with Bo who is obsessed with Hope. Hope is still in jail still not eating, however now she has a big purple bruise on her face. Warden made her write a fake letter because Warden thinks Hope is a huge pain in the ass who won't die. She can't kill her only keep her in solitary. I say harvest any viable organs...which means like ONE with Hope and ship it off to Dr. Ben.

Okay...DR. BEN! Listen I have NEVER been a fan of Ty Treadway sorry. Dr. Ben is LAME! Another actor might have made him compelling or at least a hot guy would have made me go: OOOO Sleep with Jen...but Ty Treadway...just NO! Also why would Jen want to get with him of all people its just too random.

Kate and Stefano broke up this week too. Okay I am a fan of the elderly love on this show. Stefano/Kate and Maggie/Victor are the BEST COUPLES! They make sense and they are just all amazing together. Vivian can seriously take a flying fuck off a bridge at this point. I love Louise Sorel (amazing actress) however Vivian's shenanigans are getting repetitive and old. She just keeps trying to kill everyone when really she is just annoying everyone including me. She's not even being funny just cruel! Sorry but when you go after someone like Maggie....its not cute.

Brady and Nicole just need to have constant sex....its really what they are the best at. They are going to pretend to break up and then have sex in secret places. I support this fully.

Caroline is praying to God. Yeah I would be doing the same if I were her because pretty soon she will be plugging Fixident on the show!

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