Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I Want for Xmas Is A GOOD STORYLINE

Johnny is missing an eye. It is sad and it wasn't necessary. The sick kid storyline is a cop out and made EJ out to be a complete monster, blaming cancer on Sami. I understand EJ is jealous of Rafe/Sami, but taking it out on his children is gross, wrong, and honestly out of character. The writers made him way worse than he was. Like I said on twitter, this is unfair to the EJami fans who support the couple. Before the Safes start with me, your couple is getting shit on too. Rafe and Sami have been married like a week and they are already fighting like they old and they are not really being romantic. In fact they have reached a level of boredom where Allie cries every night because she'd like something to happen....she's that bored.

Maggie still wants Victor...they are going to drag this out. JUST HAPPEN ALREADY! Meanwhile can we stick Vivian back in the sarcophagus? She's just being cruel and not at all funny. It isn't fun anymore when she just randomly tortures people and screws with their lives. STOP IT! Go find Ivan and get laid! Also leave Brady and Nicole alone. Just because you aren't having sex doesn't mean you have to ruin it for everyone else!

Hope and Bo are on the run. Usually these kinds of storylines are entertaining but somehow these two know how to BORE UP a story! Feed Hope, stick her in jail, and then get her released like you would in REAL LIFE. She figured out there is an organ harvesting thing going on, let her out for THAT, not because she is in solitary and crying. DO YOUR JOB BO! P.S. wearing all black....BIG TIP YOU ARE HIDING SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. Also, I'm beginning to think the Hope not eating thing is a running gag with the writers. Rude! She's thrown away food like 8 times in the past 3 weeks. Enough already!

Spoilers for the NEW YEAR: Kayla opens her big mouth and reveals Parker's paternity. The woman never learned to shut the fuck up and this is all Stephanie and Caroline's fault. Speaking of Caroline...STROKE! Apparently the writers read my play by play and realized she also needs to shut the fuck up. Rafe is getting a new brother...I already don't like him because that family is boring. Nicole's sister is coming back and falls for EJ...maybe she has a serial killer fetish too. YAY! What happened to Chad btw? Where is he when he is not stalking Stefano? I'd like Johnny to get his eye too. He ain't Patch HE COOLER!

Merry Xmas everyone, and have a great Holiday without the soap style drama. Tell your husband he is NOT the father. Sleep with your Son in law! If you like women....Sleep with someone like CHLOE! If your a guy...Sleep with someone like CHLOE. I'm sticking Chloe in all your stockings!! Run to the hospital and pray a hot doctor is there. Run over a lady like Caroline. FEED HOPE! Take care!!

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