Friday, February 4, 2011

Total Eclipse of Jen's Heart

Okay the Jennifer heart story. It was as bad as we all thought it was going to be. I can make so many heart jokes but really, did that really just all happen? Days has never been accurate or attempt to be real, but you would think something as serious as heart surgery wouldn't be done as a joke. It was not HEARTbreaking, not HEARTwarming at all, and yes I can be HEARTless and say it sucked to no end. Let's just all breathe a sign of relief that TY TREADWAY IS GONE!! Thank the Lord for that one. Just to catch us up by the way: Daniel can now perform heart surgery, along with brain, eye, knee, foot, and face transplants. WHATEVER. The guy can't figure out people are lying but he can perform every surgery known to man, makes perfect sense.

So Carly broke up with Bo so he can be with Hope. First, did they not really break up already? Second, Carly is doing the noble thing and letting Bo and Hope be together....That is complete and utter horseshit. Sorry! Why doesn't she plan their next wedding ceremony at this rate? It would have been MORE of a story had she schemed or fought for her man but Nooooooooo. At this rate Carly should join a cult and hook up with Satan. Devil worship can be fun! So Bo and Hope are going to get back together. Do you think the writers, who completely destroyed Carbo storyline will give you what you want with a Bope storyline? I'll give you a hint: NO!

Chloe is officially cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Hey if Days can use product placement so can I! Let's hope we get a scene of Chloe in the nut house chewing through restraints. OR better yet, she has to wear all black and flashback to Ghoul Girl days when she had a brain and some self respect.

------------------------------------------------------- Sorry my heart stopped and I shocked myself back to life because that happens in real life.

Taylor has come to Salem............................................Taylor. Um. Yeah well. She's in town and there she is.........Taylor................Yeah not a fan sorry.

Chad is trying to figure out how he fits in the DiMera family. Here is a tip, get that shit out of your hair, get a suit, and start smoking. Thank you. P.S. it's nice Lexie and Abe have screen time.....they can go now thanks.

Fake Rafe...Rafe 2....HORNY RAFE. Can we dump the original Rafe and keep this one? The only think that makes this storyline creep me out a bit, is when this Rafe sleeps with Sami, is that technically rape? Or just mean and gross? Either way this makes EJ look like a huge asshole once again. Side note: I don't need to see the real Rafe locked up and talking to himself, the fake one is enough. Reasons to like him more: He talks funny, he drinks with Nicole, he gets Sami to calm the hell down, and did I mention he wants to sleep with everything with boobs?

Status update: Yes Will is still gay.

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  1. Cant agree with you more...the writers stopped writing for CarBo MONTHS ago...they put em together, and then wrote for them like they were roomates...UGH! Carly is being written like a wimp, and I hate it. Everyone beats up on her and all she does is bend over and really pisses me off

    And the Ejole/FakeSafe "lovescenes" were awful and disgusting...YUCK! That being said...Rafe2 is more interesting...but PLEASE no more of these ruff sex/gang-bang-esque "lovescenes"...Id like to keep my food down in the future...


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