Friday, January 28, 2011

Days is Not So F*ckin Perfect ~by Pink

Chloe has hit a new level of crazy!! On a scale of 1 to 10 she is at a 76. The lady is one step short of boiling a bunny and putting it in Daniel's kitchen...and it might be Melanie's bunny. She even has Maggie of all people worried. Maggie has hid all the kitchen knives and is probably throwing out all cleaning fluids. What happened to the smart Chloe who was Ghoul Girl, and who eventually was able to charm any man she wanted? To quote Black Swan...SHE'S GONE! Chloe is just another Days female who falls into the "I am now pathetic and will do anything to keep my man" category. It's sickening. I am not even a feminist and it pisses me off. Do I expect Daniel to take her back? Of Course not but it DOES ANNOY me the way he reported her to child services. That is not how you handle someone like her, he should have gotten her help if he loves her so much. Helping her does not mean getting back together with her you butthead! P.S. though I love a good her sleeping pills IS NOT THE BEST IDEA.

Kate is trying to win the Grandma of the Year award....Please stop and stick to ruining your own kids lives. Let the Grandkids just get presents. Just chill with Stefano and worry about what he is up to, nothing else.

EJ/Rafe/Sami/Nicole....Having a baby might be less painful than watching them. I just can't. Rafe's double better be more interesting than he is because I can only take so much. EJ and Nicole's reunion is great, but knowing that TAYLOR is on her way (Nicole's half sister) makes me want to gag, but I will remain open minded....for now.

Bo/Hope/Carly/Jennifer/Dr.Ben/Warden.....END IT ALREADY!! Okay we get it you steal organs and you make money....can we clear this up already? Jennifer is in trouble...the kind of trouble she is in...which I will not spoil here...IS RIDICULOUS and makes being possessed by the devil more realistic! Also, once this is over Bo picks between Hope and Carly...finally!! Again I won't give it away but let's just say he prefers Chicken wings to Chicken breast if you catch my drift....okay I gave it away sorry!

Adrienne and Justin.....They had sex. I wish I had more to say but I haven't seen them for months and that's all that happened. It wasn't that good but I am proud of them for doing it in the middle of the day at least.

Other stuff: are pregnant but that doesn't mean you can be obnoxious, knock it off. Brady.....take your shirt off. are a DiMera, shut up! are gay. Gaby.....Will is GAY.

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