Friday, March 11, 2011

Do You Believe in Magic?

I am pretty sure absolutely nothing really happened this week storywise.

Taylor.....still alive. Just die and come back as a better actress quicker please.

Rafe2/Rafe.....story that won't die and will probably be with us for another year and a half.

Justin/Adrienne....Apparently still on the show, who knew? They got engaged and we didn't even see them really court each other or have cute scenes. Just a lovely throw away to remind us they are still together. Then throw in a random Lexie scene, mixed in with some weird Vivian shit and you have a smorgasbord of CRAP!

Hope.....she gets out of jail and is apparently looking better than ever. Clearly someone has been stealing pub food. So now Hope is reduced to giving everyone in town advice just like Maggie does. It's a Horton thing! are creepy, please leave the show sooner rather than later. Make sure you take Melanie's new personality with you!

Chloe and Phil are bonding over baby Parker. Someone they both managed to get haircuts and tans as they are parenting.

Will.......yeah you know.

Abby/Chad/Gaby/Will....Ok I used to love the teens storylines on this show. Now...not so much. I hope they don't screw this up royally but hey it's Days so....they will.

Stefano....I feel bad that Stefano has to deal with Rafe 1. Its beneath him to be doing this drugging someone and changing their memory thing for the 89th time.

ONLY REASON TO WATCH DAYS RIGHT NOW: Maggie + Victor = Best Storyline, Best Couple, Best buildup to a couple, best DIALOGUE, and most romantic shit ever. When your best couple on a show are senior citizens and they are only on about twice a month...YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Magic is cool, classy, and refreshing for this show because its something we are not used to...GOOD WRITING and a great soap romance. Put them on more and stop suffocating us with 105 Rafe scenes a day and EJ blinking at Taylor. Thanks!

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