Friday, April 1, 2011

April FOOL's Day...

So there "will" be a gay character. Soap Opera Digest confirmed who it "will" be but I "will" not spoil it for you guys AT ALL. No sir! I "Will" not be moved to. I "Will" just say....I TOLD YA SO! HAHA Clearly they are stalking my page and stealing my story ideas. Carly is on drugs. I wish it wasn't painkillers or other pills. I want Carly on COCAINE! She should start dating a HOT drug dealer who she sleeps with for drugs and he is so hot we want him with her but realize he is bad for her. Carly doing cocaine off a mirror would be AMAZING! Rafe 2 is still alive, sill being annoying, pissing Sami off, but hey at least he killed Fay! To the Days writers stalking my stuff....STOP THIS STORYLINE NOW! It's a huge turn off. Chloe isn't having sex....So Sad. Brady still has clothing on...Even More Sad. Okay I thought I wanted Brelanie but Melanie and Brady together might be too brother/sisterish for me. However, I won't count them out yet. Dario is annoying me already though. He is going after Melanie's 5 million dollar divorce settlement money. Nothing says "I'm sorry for sleeping with your hot Stepmom" like 5 million dollars. Victor and Maggie, Kate and Stefano -----> Hottest couples on the show right now. Yes they make Vivian puke but you know what, both couples are adorable and can get into a movie really cheap. DOUBLE DATES!!! Hope and Bo are dealing with Ciara issues. I'm so glad Days of Our Lives gave the Bope fans what they wanted and then give them this backburner crap that is not resolving any issues they had. BRING ON THE SUMMER STORYLINE! Taylor.....still not Tamara Braun so I have nothing nice to say. I've never felt so bad for Nicole in the entirety of the show. And finally just to address this: If there is a Days writer stalking my page..which I AM beginning to suspect because I called the GAY character, Brelanie, Chad being a DiMera, Carly on drugs, Ben/NuTaylor getting fired because they sucked, and other minor comments I've made ACTUALLY happening...LISTEN TO THE FANS MORE! Rafe 2 better end sooner rather than later because no one wants to watch shit when its boring, lame, and even the actors look like they aren't enjoying it. Rafe 2 was fun for a couple a weeks...Months? I'd like you to pay me to watch thank you. Side note: If Chloe sleeps with a priest I'm going to laugh because I made that comment also. Thank you! lol.

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