Thursday, April 21, 2011

Days of My Hangover

First off I'd like to say HEYYYYY to everyone I have met last weekend at DCE Dallas. It was so much fun and I'd like to thank DCE Charity Events for putting on a great show. Also, to Nadia, Brandon, Mark, Eric, Shawn, and James...thanks for being so gracious with your fans. You were all awesome. Also I'd like to apologize for those who heard me sing...I was drinking and yeah shit happens, but I lived up to the name Hot Mess. I would love to do a recap of all the events, but clearly I am still drunk and don't remember everything. Also, many thanks for everyone who told me they loved my Days Play by Play, I really do appreciate the kind words. This is all for you the fans....
and clearly I mean the fans who can take a joke, and realize the characters are NOT REAL.

Carly is a drug addict. Maybe she watched Days and it made her turn to drugs. No but seriously, WHY PILLS?! Could the writers have picked anything more boring? And to make matters worse they had her go from tranquilizers today to a anti-depressant, to God knows what next. The lady was hugging Hope and Bo (who were terrified), she's breathing heavily all over the place, crying on everyone's shoulder, then screaming at them, and then touching everyone's face. What's next dry heaving? It's called a nervous breakdown, not pill addiction. Also all of Carly's behavior matches Taylor's behavior, so does she have a drug problem too? Oh no, she's just a waste of space. Tamara Braun YOU BETTER MAKE THIS WORK! Carly also threw in a disgusting make out session with Daniel today.......If Melanie saw it she would have thrown up too.

Unless Carly mainlines some drugs and sells her body for sex, I'm not interested in this breakdown crap. It has been done, and you know what...LIFE COULD BE WORSE! Sleep with the damn new doctor and get over yourself. Speaking of sex....CHLOE! Chloe lost baby Parker this week since Philip left town with the little one in tow. What a load of horseshit. Chloe has been wanting a baby forever and she gets punished for a bender in a bar. Nicole has done worse! So Chloe continues to suffer until the next hot guy comes along for her to have sex with. The SOB better get here fast because Chloe without sex is like a day without sunlight.... By the way, thanks Days writers for the shoddy out of character exit for Phillip. I'm sure Phloes everywhere are pissed and I don't blame them.

Daniel and Jennifer. We know you are getting together, we know. You can stop bumping into each other and touching each other in awkward manners. WE GET IT!

Estimado Darío, dejar de hablar español. Por favor. Usted es muy agradable a la vista, pero usted me está dando un dolor de cabeza. Creo que Melanie le gusta. Sólo una suposición.

I hope Dario understands Spanish.

So Troy killed Arianna. We still don't care thanks for that.

Fake Rafe killed himself some Faye, annoyed Sami into leaving for Colorado, and pissed off the whole town. Can he write for the show? Is Fake Rafe funny...OF COURSE, but is this storyline crappy...YES. Meanwhile the real Rafe is doing Arts and Crafts while plotting his escape to somewhere we don't know of yet because he has no clue who he is. Riveting!

EJ and Taylor are in much in love that they make doves cry. Okay I cannot really prove that but they make me want to puke. When Nicole finds out I hope she chases Taylor around with a shovel and decaptitates her. I don't know how Tamara Braun is going to save the Taylor character, but she got a big task ahead of her and I'm pretty sure she has it in her to do it. If she fails...yeah let's decapitate the bitch.

Theo and Ciara have run away and are still missing. If Ciara doesn't come back 16 and pregnant this show really missed a good opportunity! I hope. Ciara. Comes back with Theo. and He fixes. way Ciara talks. Maybe she needs a. Ciara needs new battery. Because clearly she is a ROBOT! I hope Lexie takes Ciara over her knee and whoops some ass showing he true DiMera colors. If she can't have an affair she can at least be an abusive mother to other people's children.

Oh yeah and I can't forget.... Will still gay. Gay still Will.

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  1. Absolutley love your blog..much more enternaing than watching the show..:)


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