Friday, May 13, 2011

Got Midol?

This blog is brought to us in part by MIDOL. Feeling achy, cramps, are constant Safe scenes getting you down? Welllllll then you might need MIDOL!

Okay so Rafe 2 has been caught, and Sami FINALLY figured out that Rafe 2 was never Rafe 1. Now, Sami doesn't want EJ to know that she knows that Rafe 2 is not Rafe 1, nor that Rafe 1 is still alive. So Rafe 2 has to be taken care of, and Rafe 1 has to pretend he is Rafe 2 so that no one knows, including EJ and Stefano, that they have been found out that they switched Rafes. Yes I just wrote all that out, and yes you are welcome. Bottom line: Bo/Hope/Rafe1/Sami are all going after EJ for the whole switch thing. How far we have come on this show that everyone is trying to catch the DiMeras for their weird over the top schemes.....oh wait.

Taylor sucks as a character by the way no matter who is playing her. I hope Nicole shoots her because it makes absolutely no sense why everyone likes this character and why EJ loves her. To the five EJAYLOR fans there are, sorry but I think you need a new couple. Now Brady is all up on Taylor for no particular reason. Does the bitch poop gold?

Okay so Chloe got paid by the hot stranger for sex. Am I the only one who has a HUGE PROBLEM with this storyline? This show always puts women in terrible situations but seriously Chloe has been put through crap stories for years and this is just the bottom of the barrel. This isn't like KATE who was a call girl when she was young. This is a regular character who just lost her child, so what better way to get your kid back then to become a Prostitute? WHAT? By the way for the handful of people who think that this will actually show how this is a real story and women really go through this...yeah this is Days. Pretty much we will just see Chloe in bed with fat ugly men in wife beaters who are slobbering all over her. I will throw up everywhere. Drug/alcohol addiction would have made more sense but seriously I'm really over the whole 'Let's torture Chloe crap.' Nicole, Sami, Kate have all committed TERRIBLE crimes and they don't have to go through this crap. END OF RANT.

Melanie...yeah the writers just need to stop putting her in every scene for no reason and actually give her an enjoyable storyline which doesn't include a Spanish Rosetta Stone lesson on a daily basis. Which brings me to Dario.....Shut up. I don't care that you like Melanie. She won't like you until you stop showing interest in her, that's how she works.

Jen and Dan. We get it.

Carly got a visit from Scary Larry. He basically told her she is a waste of space which is.....well sorry it's true. If the writers wrote her better maybe I would care she is doing drugs but honestly the writing is soooo bad that I don't. This is a bad version of Nurse Jackie. Nurse Jackie SNORTS pills by the way...get on that. With all the crying and shaking I'm not watching a drug addict, I'm watching the same old Carly before the drug addiction. In fact I'm not convinced she is a drug addict, I just realize Carly is basically going through Menopause and is having mood swings with a side of Ambien that let's her sleep. The crying...hormones. The flashes. The depression..yep all Menopause.

I'd like to give a special shoutout to Days wardrobe for putting all the characters in the same clothes except Lexie who got to don two outfits. Way to not work and keep us on the same day for 15 days in a row leading the story to progress to yeah NOWHERE FAST.

To the Days writers, congrats on the Emmy nomination you didn't deserve. Spoiler Alert: you don't have a snowball's chance of winning unless you send all the Emmy voters some Cheerios. Here is a challenge for you: write some STRONG WOMEN on the show, Let Maggie and Victor have sex, let Will be GAY ALREADY, and stop boring me! Thank you. :)

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