Friday, May 27, 2011

I Just Realized that Hot Mess was Sweeps

Okay figured I'd do a blog for this holiday weekend. So Days' has new head writers, but does that mean things will really change? I am not super confident and we'll have to see how this plays out. Word on the Internet is the writers are rewriting some Higley stuff and scrapping some storylines. If Will being gay gets scrapped, well LAME! My vote would be for Chloe's prostitute storyline, Rafe2/Rafe1 lasting a damn eternity, or EJAYLOR.

Something tells me Ejaylor isn't going anywhere. Why do I think this?....Because Days never does what I want lol. I get physically repulsed and bored by these two people together in a room. It would be like watching Abe and Roman get entire episodes where they discuss crime in Salem. Spoiler alert: they have sex next week. No not Abe and Roman, although while visually disturbing that would actually be an intriguing storyline. No EJ and Taylor have sex. Cue the pregnancy, cue the nausea, cue Nicole doing something stupid. Taylor is NOT a sympathetic character, we DO NOT love her like the whole damn town does, and SHE IS WRONG. It is getting really annoying that NO ONE is saying to her that it's wrong to go after your sister's husband. Nicole is RIGHT, and I hope she cuts the bitches face off and we get a new Taylor all over again.

Chloe's storyline I would LOVE to see scrapped. Women on this show get shit on. It's true, but having a woman forced into prostitution is disgusting. Seriously this is a topic that is not comfortable to watch, and you know Days won't do anything impressive writing wise to show the realities of prostitution. All they will do is show Chloe sleeping with some old ugly dude in a wife beater once a week. I can't willingly enjoy watching a woman get raped on a weekly basis, because if Chloe gets blackmailed into doing this then it really is like she is getting raped. GROSS! We know Days loves raping women, it is there thing, but I am really getting tired of the Chloe has to suffer the most crap. Whether you love or hate the character, she was once intelligent and then boom she became a moron who just sleeps around. I don't like Taylor, we all know this, and I wouldn't even want to see HER go through this. It is disgusting and it takes a GREAT DEAL to offend me of all people. Kind of like that off putting DATE RAPE throwaway scene that was done this week. Bad taste, bad writing, and while we all joke about Days writing being bad and medical jargon being inaccurate, the Date Rape scene of a therapist telling Jen about a girl being raped after the girl expressed she didn't want to share her story was...DISGUSTING.

That is the end of that rant, and I will leave you with this to ponder: Will is so gay that when he asked Gaby if she basically wanted to have sex on prom night and she said yes, he gave the I JUST SHIT MY PANTS look. Hot Mess tip of the week: Whether you are a gay male or a lesbian female and unsure about things, don't ask your current heterosexual love interest if they want to have sex because they might say yes.

Dear Quinn, I need some drugs, Much love, Hot Mess Mandy.

Maggie and Victor broke up again, which is amazing since they broke up last week. Not all old people have memory problems. Listen I love these two, but all this build up crap and no payoff is starting to get on my last damn nerve. Speaking of old bags....CAROLINE...I thoroughly enjoyed Sami telling Caroline not to judge her "forgiving Rafe" considering Shawn forgave her for cheating. THANK YOU! It is seriously about time someone put that senile dentures falling out bitch in her place.

Random Question: Where is Hope? First she had that long sleep when one day on Days took place over 15 episodes. Then she finally figured out Maggie and Victor like each other, and then she disappeared. Listen I had to sit through that terrible prison storyline, give the lady something to work with please. Bo and Hope get back together but we don't see them together. That makes PERFECT SENSE.

I did enjoy Carly telling Bo to mind his business this week. LONG OVERDUE thank you. However I find it hysterical she has to be strung out on pills to work up the nerve to tell him off. Bo, you are married and you keep getting in Carly's face when you have made it clear you don't want to be with take my advice...GET OUT OF HER FACE AND GIVE HER SPACE. Yes that rhymed. While I am giving out advice, Dear Carly..Menopause is nothing to be ashamed of, get on a hormone pack you are crying all over the place and having hot flashes. Also, everyone knows you are German now. Deal with it. You are scaring poor Abigail and if you keep this up I am pretty sure Jen will force you into weekly events like Tupperware parties and book club meetings. Also, I'm pretty sure you were in love with Bo last week, so falling for Daniel now makes no sense. Yes he is hot and it is okay to fantasize, but seriously....EWWWWWWWW.

Lexie....Go away seriously if you are not going to cheat on Abe.

Kate and Vivian..... Please just engage in catfights on a daily basis.

Nicole............ Kill Taylor.

Rafe and Sami....just please no babies for now. I'm so confused with Rafe1/Rafe2/Rafe3 that I think Rafe Jr. would just make matters worse.

Brady.....Get naked.

Melanie....If you pick Dario over Brady I will send Taco Bell to the Days set everyday as a form of protest.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!!! Enjoy your holiday and hopefully the storylines GET BETTER!


  1. Ha, your wishes for the characters were plucked out of my head! Maybe if Brady gets naked it will lead to Melanie picking him over Dario? A girl can dream.

  2. Glad to stumble on this hilarious, snarky DOOL blog! I've been a Days fan for decades and wonder if the new writers will make it better or worse. All I know is I'm glad they didn't cancel days - can't believe All My Children and One Life to Live got canned.


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