Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year...Now Where Are the Good Storylines?

Okay sorry I missed a blog from last week. I had the sore throat from hell...I blame Caroline, and what the hell Carly too.

So the big baby reveal happened and everyone pretty much blamed Carly. Okay, I am not a fan of the "new" Carly that the writers destroyed but how is it this woman's fault? Is this like an inside joke now or something because I just don't get it? Pretty soon everyone will be hitting her with sticks just for fun. Molly Burnett gave her best performance ever when she learns Phil cheated with Chloe. Melanie's reaction wasn't her usual breakdown, it was more a cool calm collected evil bitch turn that was amazing. Melanie being mad at Carly is the only person who has a right to be. Is Melanie right to blame her mom, of course not, like I said NOT Carly's fault, HOWEVER Melanie is in a place where she can no longer trust anyone except the two people who NEVER hurt her: Maggie and Daniel. At this rate, Melanie/Carly should just avoid each other, Maggie is Melanie's real mom anyway, in the ways that matter.

Chloe made the fastest getaway on heels ever, but actually Father Matt got out of the Church first so his move was more impressive. Chloe didn't really get yelled at yet, but her and Daniel are now "over". Phil and Melanie are "over" now too, but whatever one of these couples is getting back together sooner than we'd think. I think Chloe is more upset she has to change Parker's diapers alone. Daniel is sad, but for some reason I have no sympathy for him. Chloe cheated on you like she did on Lucas with you, YA BIG MORON! I'm just excited Kate is a GRANDMA again and is forced to have Chloe in her life. If Kate poisons tanning lotion, I think she'd finally succeed in killing Chloe.

Sami and Rafe.....EJ and what to say? I find the four of them to be SO BORING NOW! I'm sick of their shit that has been going on for three or four years now. I DO NOT like Rafe at all! He is a walking ape with no appeal and he makes absolutely no sense. If the writers would only give Galen SOMETHING to work with instead of "oh let me save Sami once again" crap! He really is Roman all over again, but now I'd like to speed up to the part where he is replaced by a John character! EJ is a complete asshole that I don't even pay attention anymore. Nicole is crying over a baby for ANOTHER YEAR that is STILL NOT HERS! Nicole is a great character and now she is getting shit on! And Sami.....I don't even know where to start so I'm not going to!

Where are Maggie and Victor? The best storyline on the show and the couple is barely on. When something is going good, and people enjoy the writing and the acting what you do Days writing staff is PUT THEM ON THE DAMN AIR! USE YOUR POSITIVES!

On to the Negative...Let's hope Caroline comes out of that "good" stroke she suffered and then gets in a car with Kayla and drives off a cliff. When I was young I LOVED the I want them all to get over themselves and die. Let's look at the Brady women...Caroline (sanctimonious bitch), Kayla (judgemental, intrusive bitch, Stephanie (weak ass pathetic bitch), and Samantha (self-destructive bitch who is NEVER wrong). These are the people I'm supposed to like? Yeah not going to happen. Also Days' writers, if you are going to bring back characters that people liked, you DO NOT DESTROY THE CHARACTER COMPLETELY! Kayla was never as bad as she is now. This ends my rant.....for now.

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