Friday, January 21, 2011

February SUCKS Instead of Sweeps

Sooo my comments on this week's DOOL and upcoming storylines for February sweeps. WARNING: there may ARE spoilers.

Melanie claims she is done with Phillip and decides to keep the baby. My first question really is why were the Days writers insistent upon not having Melanie get an abortion? Would it have been so wrong? Melanie and Carly could have discussed why SHE didn't get an abortion, Maggie could have taken her, etc. etc. Melanie ends up losing the baby so there is no real reason why she couldn't have had one. P.S if Nathan is leaving she needs to get with Brady. I fully understand what Mark Hapka was referring to when he made his statement about leaving the show. The Mate fans got completely jerked around. I am not even a huge Mate fan and I even recognize this. They never got the chance to get back together. They throw in a baby and it stops a reconciliation, only to have Melanie lose the baby down the line. MAKES NO SENSE.

Chloe is going bat shit crazy. Yes its Caroline's fault and I cant watch that woman get attacked for an eternity. However, the writers should just make Chloe a villain. It would be far more interesting if she was a bitchy ass drunk always shooting off at the mouth like Nicole. Her becoming needy and desperate after Daniel leaves her....just ANOTHER example of how WEAK the women are on this show. Stephanie's speech after Nathan left her gave me hope she'd improve as a character, but alas Shelley is leaving the show. Shelley had to put up with the WORST dialogue ever and she deserves credit for sticking around as long as she did. I think she will be successful when she ends up somewhere where she is appreciated and valued.

Jay (Phillip) is also leaving....I'M DEVASTATED, however I was expecting this because Jay had been wanting to leave. The real scary thing about Mark, Shelley, and Jay leaving is HOW they will leave, who will be RECAST, and how Days plans to SCREW IT UP!

Bo and Hope are still boring. They are getting back together. There is your amazing spoiler because it was not clear at all that this was going to happen. Righttttttt. So what's next for Carly? Well half the town hates her, she got no man, her kid is like leave me alone.....I'm guessing either bag lady or coke head.

Sami/Rafe/EJ/Nicole......I really don't give a crap. The new storyline is a reboot that I could live without. Rafe and his doppelganger...WTF, I give up on these 4 with the exception of Nicole because at least she is funny. Kate and Stefano should kidnap them all and then torture them for torturing us. Maybe Brady can help them and start beating them all up while shirtless. Or stick them on a island with Vivian and her manboy Gus.

Maggie and Victor are getting closer to being together...YES!! Caroline is still alive and kicking...NO!!

Finish up the damn organ crap because no one cares anymore, Dr. Ben is gross and pointless, and Jennifer apparently needs saving by Daniel. I'm not sure how I feel about Jen/Daniel pairing btw, I have to wait and see. Although I find it amazing he will be paired with someone his own damn age for a change.

Have a good weekend and at least say "ARGGGG" once in honor of Johnny "Kickass" DiMera!! Most fun character on the show! And if you have ANY questions about the show/spoilers, hit me up on twitter. @HotMessMandy


  1. LOL, sad state of affairs when the hottest couple to watch is Victor and Maggie.
    Pissed Nathan's leaving,

  2. It's bad enough they're getting rid of Nathan, but do they have to axe Phillip too??? Next you'll be saying that Melanie is leaving. No point in watching if that's the case. The writers/producers don't seem to communicate. Not sure if you remember years and years ago when Stefano was making a "Marlena twin", and then the writers seemed to just lose that story line. Only then, the "Marlena twin brought in the story line of the Salem Stalker/serial killer. The writers need to follow through on the stories. But they don't. And the producers/network need to work harder at keeping good actors. I still miss the original Bell and Shawn D. Couldn't stand the actors that replaced them. And I'm guessing the feeling is mutual with other fans. Bell and Shawn were written off the show. Darn. And good luck getting them back. They seem to be doing well on GH.

    Hope I made sense.


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