Friday, January 7, 2011

Hapka's Hos the Fight Is ON!

Okay I'm going to start this off with my feelings regarding Mark Hapka's firing. I love Mark, and he along with other actors on the show are getting shafted for OTHER storylines people honestly do not care for. He wanted more of a story and they gave him nothing to work with, so in my opinion he is BETTER OFF! Mark is a great actor and they gave him nothing with Nathan. Anytime we saw Nathan it was puppy dog eyes and him just pining after Melanie, while sleeping with Steph. Nathan and Melanie never happened really, and there wasn't even a hint of them getting a shot. Excuse my language but basically the writers have been dicking us around for the past couple of years. I wish Mark the best and I think we all know he is really going to do great things.

Mark's firing though points out what I have been saying about the days writing staff..THEY CANNOT CUT IT! They introduce stories/characters and then never follow through. When they do follow through the writing is stale, recycled, and no one cares. Everytime there is something positive on the show, it's ruined within a weak. What is the strongest coupling on the show right now: arguable Victor and Maggie. How much of them have we seen really? They get about an episode a week IF that much. I understand some stories are CENTRAL and some are Back burner however, and this is a big HOWEVER...the CENTRAL stories are sucking as of late. My point: GET RID OF THE PROBLEM IN THE WRITING DEPARTMENT. Also, if you are in a firing mood, get rid of the DEAD WEIGHT you call actors on your show when you do nothing with them or they stand around as annoying fillers we don't care about.


As for a recap of the week: What really happened? Nicole and EJ got engaged...great we are back to where we started with these two. Rafe and Sami...still as annoying as ever. Melanie alone. Nathan about to be alone. Stephanie alone. Phil alone.... with Chloe and a baby. Daniel alone. Brady alone but working with Kate. Carly alone and acting like a pathetic hot mess. Kayla and Caroline judgemental bitching. Bo and Hope: the love story continues. Yes this spells out a FABULOUS soap opera right now. Dear Days and NBC, FIX your SHIT! If you can't get it together you will lose your audience.

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  1. I read that the head writer and Mark Hapka never spoke a word to each other. This taken from Dustin's page. a quote from Mark. "It was creative differences and a ‘writers choice’ for Nathan’s ‘departure’. Apparently the twist in the stretched out storyline of Melanie and Nathan’s soul connection was that when finally given a chance to be together…somehow they don’t. I will keep my opinions of that writing choice to myself and leave it to the general consensus of the fans"

    I don't think they will replace Nathan, he will just end up going to John's Hopkins without Stephanie.

    What burns me is they are bringing in a lot of new characters on when they can't even write for the ones they have now. The reason Marlena and John were fired was because they made too much money and now they are hiring MORE actors.

    There will never be an end of rants as long as the writers keep this up. They will lose more and more fans. I'm on the verge of not watching at all. I record all of the episodes so it's not like I'm glued to the TV when the show airs. I can find plenty of other things to do instead of sitting down and watching the show.
    I started watching Days in the 60's when I had my first baby and was at home all the time. Through the years I've quit watching it for years at a time and felt no great loss. I guess I can do it again.

    With Dish & Direct TV, cable and other broadcasters, there are plenty of other choices of programs to watch instead. Personally, I watch ALL of the NCIS reruns on Dish Network every night. I never get tired of them because of the excellent writing and the charismatic cast they continue to keep on the show. Of course, I'm totally in love with Mark Harmon, but that is another story. :-)

    Writers, GET WITH THE PROGRAM and start listening to the fans of Days or you will all be out of a job!


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