Friday, January 14, 2011

Petition to Kill Off Kayla

Johnny's cancer storyline is depressing. I don't mind cancer storylines but here is my issue with this one. While it is important to draw awareness to all kinds of cancer, can there at least be a level of respect to present as much ACCURACY to the way a disease actually IS. I also don't like that the writers are using it as an attempt to get the audience to like EJ...guess what it's not really working! I'm sick of the kids on Days getting these horrible stories where they are either killed off or made to suffer. Yes children suffer in real life, however this is getting too repetitive with TORTURING children.

Melanie is preggo! If Stephanie is pregnant too let's just send the writing team diapers!

Stefano and Kate back together!! YAY!! Now can we get more Maggie and Victor is the real question!

Kayla is still alive...I'm hoping this status update changes eventually. She tried to get Carly fired for really no good reason whatsoever considering her kid and her mother were behind the whole thing. Another character assassination that is GOING NOWHERE and ruining another powerful female character. So they made Carly a total wimp and pushover and now Kayla is a major..sorry..CUNT! She is!

I'm reaching the point where Mark Hapka may be better off pursuing outside projects where he is USED, given GOOD SCRIPTS, and is APPRECIATED!

P.S. I've said Will and Chad are gay from the beginning....guess what...Still VERY GAY! I encourage Days to at least attempt the same sex pairing since they have great chemistry.

P.S.S. Stefano being behind the organ thing...LAME AND CLICHE! It would have been funnier if it was Chloe!.

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