Thursday, October 14, 2010

All My Tan Weddings

Daniel and Chloe are married....not for all the Days of their Lives though. Melanie didn't say a thing, everyone hates Carly, Phillip thinks he won't get caught...That's pretty much it....and "it" SUCKS! Nothing was resolved as usual and I am bitter. Melanie will be reminding us about the affair every single day and she has not even figured out Phillip is the other man. UGHHHHHH! Daniel is the only one who doesn't know what the hell is going on and his chipper attitude is becoming annoying. Brady is now smarter than him, even though he is with Nicole! Victor's facial expressions during the wedding pretty much covered how I was feeling the whole episode. Also, Victor and Maggie need at least a smooch already! I don't want a sex scene...JUST A KISS!

In other news Will and Sami are bonding over her attempted murder. Whenever I get fast food with my mom or dad we discuss their crimes and how they got away from them. Will's mancrush on Rafe is also over because he resigned from the now he can be stupid and not get paid. Arianna overhears everything and is in shock and disgust. She also seems terrified of Sami...who is this bitch and what did they do with Arianna? She runs and goes to tell EJ everything....BITCH! EJ still loves Sami so he is brain damaged and might be in a walking coma. Stefano is like WTF the crazy bitch tried to shoot you! Now you know how we feel Stefano! HAHA! EJ is afraid of losing his kids...just kidnap them and go away for awhile!

BTW Stephanie and Kayla were on today.....for what reason who really knows.

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