Friday, October 29, 2010

The Dead Arianna and the Restless Storylines

So I decided to do a weekly recap this week because well I was honestly hungover from NYC this weekend but also because this week dragged out like crazy.

The big News: Arianna is finally dead but we have no idea who hit her or if it is even going to be addressed. At this point it honestly doesn't matter because this story is...say it with me LAME! I do not care if you are a Safe fan or an EJami guys are getting screwed over on both fronts! EJ and Sami had a fight scene today that looked like borderline attempted rape...I thought we were supposed to forget that ever happened and that they "loved each other." Also, Rafe is boring as hell and needs a better writer...He is whipped and why on earth is he with Sami of all people? Seriously I'm getting to the point where Sami doesn't deserve either guy and should live alone with her gay son, Will. Will should be gay because that would actually be an interesting storyline...oh wait this show doesn't do interesting...YES I'M BITTER!

Melanie hates Carly...WE GET IT! Guess what though, when you make Carly an annoying character who cries all the time WE ARE GOING TO HATE IT TOO! She has no friends, no one really likes her except Bo, and he barely spends time with her. Carly is the OLDER Stephanie...maybe Stephanie is her real daughter. Also, Kayla...YOU SUCK! You are married to a one eyed man who always wears black and you wear hideous vests...jump off the judgmental train you out of work doctor! I would say YIPPEE that Jennifer is coming back but guess who she is coming back for...SKELEEETOOOOORRRRRR! Also Caroline sucks but we all knew that already. GO DENTURES!

Ah yes...the thin thing...the Hope...the "heart of the show" as Corday likes to put it. She's more like the pain in the ass of the show if you ask me. Honestly the lady is thin...but also, her always being the martyr is freaking annoying! It appears as if a organ donor ring is going on in the jail. The foreshadowing was so obvious with Arianna giving up her heart that it smacked the viewer in the face. Also, the new doctor is sketchy and probably a part of it, why else would he ask Carly out...yeah no one else likes her so it must be because of her exotic blood type of AB negative. He also develops a crush on Jen who will be helping Hope..who will obviously be pardoned because of this storyline, and who will probably end up with Bo because Corday is obsessed with them. Big problem with the story: Hope is too thin and her organs are probably not viable since she is clearly near death.

Vivian is still in the sarcophagus and the whole freaking town knows and does not give a shit. Side note: It smells like a nursing home with shitty care in that sarcophagus but I digress.

Of course I missed things like Nathan proposing, EJ and Sami fighting over a camera that wasn't there, and Chloe and Daniel returning from their honeymoon, and Nicole wanting Sydney back. Okay well technically I just covered it so there ya go. These stories are going to eventually kick into high gear during sweeps so we shall to them. BTW does anyone else remember that Chad is Stefano's son...yeah we keep getting reminded of that every 3 weeks THANKS!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Be safe and dress like are allowed.

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