Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Days of Rafe Being Boring

I no like Rafe....Rafe no like EJ...where Lucas? That is all! Rafe bores me and even Sami's confession to him that she shot EJ sucked because you can tell he doesn't get it and he doesn't believe her. Also him resigning from the FBI means he will be on more driving me INSANE. At least EJ and Lucas were fun fighting over Sami. Rafe needs a new love interest, one that makes him less comatose! Maybe when Arianna dies he will realize Sami and him are boring and he needs a troublemaker or a good girl..not a MIX of the two! P.S> EJ will not have a scar from his gun shot....why would he this is Salem? Sami also tells him the truth that they are not married. Id rather be shot in the head again than to get interrogated by Rafe and Roman at the same time.

Melanie is still crying, but at least she had the good sense to change clothing UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.....CARLY! She is wearing matching Purple with Phillip, who might be the best damn liar on this show! At least when he lies its with conviction! Nicole lies to Daniel and tells him that Chloe and Mel had a spat over her not being a real part of the family. That was a bad lie and really made no sense. Nicole also offered a pregnant Chloe booze...that is a real friend people. So recap: Melanie hates Carly now, Phillip tries to talk her out of confessing, Chloe might be shitting herself, and Melanie is going to tell Daniel the truth....okay not really.

Hope is still in jail.......Bo visited her.....Ciara is getting bullied in school.....Id rather Bo was in jail, Ciara visits him, and Hope is getting bullied at school. Okay Bo and Hope are going to get back together...its a soap...that's what happens...but can we just get it OVER WITH! Fall for the dumb martyr bitch again and just raise your demented child together so I can make fun of you even more. THANK YOU!

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