Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dead and the Dreadful

Well the short short version...

Brady sees his dead mother who looks alot older and had her hair dyed in heaven. Also I don't look good in white and wear white bed linens so I don't really want to go to Salem heaven. She is ashamed of Brady, while Victor is really proud that he and Nicole buried Vivian alive. Meanwhile the fumes are getting to Vivian and if she farts...she will die.

Sami, Rafe, and Arianna have the longest conversation ever without getting anywhere...AGAIN! Rafe is annoyed his sister won't lie for him....Theresa would have lied for Luis. Arianna tapes Sami confessing to everything and even where she threw the gun. Since when does Sami fall for this kind of shit and tell the truth? Sami is a moron but she's not this kind of moron. Arianna taped everything on a Flip that was a good plug because Flip cams have been known to be used for blackmail. Also to recap..Will is still a nerd momma's boy.

EJ and Bo have a long discussion about how slow Bo is.....ok not really but basically EJ violated his restraining order but instead of getting arrested he explains to Bo how Sami shot him. This show gets better and better.

My take: Kill that bitch Arianna already. I say make her where a Target t-shirt as the ultimate plug of all time!

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