Monday, October 11, 2010

As the World Hates Carly Again

So what's going on??? Basically the main story is that Chloe's affair is becoming more and more public. Melanie knows because she overheard Nathan and Stephanie talking about it, and then after the confrontation with Chloe she now knows Carly knew.

CARLY IS IN TROUBLE!!!!! When confronted by Melanie Carly tries to use the good old "I am a doctor and it's against the law to tell you anything" line. Melanie starts crying because she realizes her mother is not only a bad dresser but a TERRIBLE LIAR. Melanie and Carly are now exactly back to where they were a year ago: Melanie hates Carly. Chloe feels bad that she threw Carly under the bus but she WILL NOT tell anyone it was Phillip she slept with. Phillip wants to kill everyone for being stupid and talking about Chloe's affair, and Melanie lectures Carly on how she played God and lied to Daniel for months. Carly defends Chloe and her actions, stating that Chloe is not a whore....WRONG AGAIN MANNING! P.S. Carly better get a new outfit for the damn wedding or I am going to scream. Her outfit looks like an 80s jumpsuit mixed with a skirt that does not match. P.S.S. Daniel is still a clueless moron. He gets warned not to marry Chloe on a daily basis and doesn't listen to anyone's warnings.

Also Hope is still in jail. Glad we are all caught up on that. She still has not been killed for being a cop. All my trust has to go into this Lee chick who may end up killing or harming Hope in some way. It is taking wayyyy toooo long for my liking. Hope also became a doctor in prison and recognized a girl having appendicitis. She would obviously know about stomach pain having not eaten since 2001. Meanwhile Bo, who annoyingly wipes his mouth after making out with Carly, thinks everything is going great with Ciara. However Ciara's life sucks and she is getting bullied...probably because she is a creeper. Bo goes to visit Hope and when these two get back together I hope he breaks her during sex and she dies. Yeah I said it!

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