Monday, October 18, 2010

Guiding a Car...Over Arianna's Face

Quickest recap ever of a really long episode:

Arianna is still alive dammit! Bitch is confronting the eyebrow man about how his girlfriend tried to kill someone, but the eyebrows are making him crazy and he doesn't care. Also, there is a new Sydney and she beat the crap out of Ali Sweeney today with a stuffed lizard. She lived to pay though because James Scott grabbed her tightly so she couldn't squirm around.

In other parenting news Ciara took a magical journey from the top of the Brady par to the Salem state penitentiary. The little creeper gets around. She goes to see her mom and this must have been Days' Halloween episode with the skeleton decked out in full orange. Hope's teeth are starting to jet out of her mouth and everything. Carly got feisty today and put on an outfit most of us would wear....which means something weird is going to happen that we won't like. The Doctor who I think is annoying and ugly and still really doesn't have a name (Ben/Jason), asks her for coffee and the lame Carly says she has to get home to her "sweet man Bo." Saying, I am seeing and in love with Bo Brady would have sufficed Manning! Also, this creepy doctor is always on now which means he must be evil if he is interested in Carly for no apparent reason. She boring and not popular in Salem. Carly also tells Nathan to stay away from Melanie, but it was treated in a very who gives a damn way.

Countdown to Ari flattened like a pancake commences this week! She might look like an enchilada once it's over.

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