Monday, November 1, 2010

Special Title: Caroline Sucks!

Okay if you are a Caroline fan DO NOT proceed in reading this post.

Caroline switched the paternity tests..why...because basically she is a CUNT. Sorry if that word offends you but it is actually the best description of a character who is such a hypocrite she makes you want to throw up! She did it for Stephanie, then she did it because she hates Victor, and she did it to protect her family, and on and on. Face it Caroline you are a bitch who does not mind her business and now we know where Sami and Kayla and Stephanie and the family dog get it from! Go read your Bible and find the passage where it says it is okay to fuck with people's lives for no reason. Okay who am I really mad at? The writers for pulling this LAME ASS crap once again..What is next?

Caroline ran over Arianna....Caroline made Nicole unable to carry babies....Caroline knocked out Gus and is feeding Vivian pub food....Caroline is behind the supposed organ harvesting ring and that is why she is living large since the Pub has been dealing with the recession. Who shaved EJ's head...CAROLINE! Who cut off Will's balls....Caroline!

Do you see my point? We got ripped off again in what could have been a good storyline. Now if Caroline is covering for someone I would be happy, but you know what? I had to listen to her shit all day about how much she wants to lie to protect her family. That is NOT ok. This lady lectures everyone and she has the nerve to say it is ok when she does it.

Other stuff that happened: Stephanie and Nathan had sex...I puked. Maggie visited Hope in jail....I ate a sandwich. Bo finds out Carly and Chloe are friends...I shook my head. Victor and Kate are working together with regards to Vivian...I puked again. Kayla is wearing that same ugly vest....I shocked myself with paddles just to revive myself from all that puking. Thank God I am still alive after that episode.

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