Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All My Sami's Children

EJ and Nicole are going to team up against Sami to get custody of Sydney. UGHHHHH BLARRRGGG. I feel like the show just went backwards two years. Do I think Nicole is a better mom than Sami? HELL YES. Also if I were an EJami fan I would be SUPER annoyed with Days writing. How are you supposed to forget the guy raping Sami when EVERYTIME he is mad at her he attacks her by chloroforming her? He yells at her violently? For a guy who is in love with the lady he acts like he hates her more. I am glad that they are split up right now because he can honestly do better. Sami is NOT the old Sami that I loved growing up. I do not feel bad for her and I do not root for her because she is written in such an unsympathetic way. Also why the hell is Rafe with her? ONE the guy is boring (writers fault) and two he is a MORON! Sami is stupid yes, but that doesn't mean she needs an equally stupid partner. How about we play a game called...LET SAMI BE SINGLE!

Now onto Nicole...since when is teaming with EJ a good idea? I'm going to at least hope there is a brief reunion between these two because do I think they are the perfect couple...duh NO...but they ARE entertaining together. Brady suspects something is up with Nicole...I do not care...why the hell does Brady have clothing on? And if Rafe thinks he got rid of all of Nicole's evidence...wait he is a moron so of course he thinks that NEVERMIND.

Melanie and Nathan fighting....it is not really cute. I am over the whole tension between these two because I honestly do not buy them as a couple right now. YES they are going to get together but my point is it wasn't done in a way where I care! Also they encounter the patient with a gross virus from I believe South America. Okay it looked like the guy had the PLAGUE, and they treated him like he was not even in the room. Worry about the sweaty guy who looks like he is going to puke...NOT STEPHANIE. While Stephanie and puke have alot in common....she needs to go on a vacation! Caroline convinces her to keep lying because Grandma is BONKERS! Stephanie needs to leave and come back a race car driver with a new personality, like she did the first time.

Maggie is still in the damn coffin and not enough people realize something is wrong. Does Maggie up and leave without any notice...yeah No you morons! Also, Vivian needs to realize that you cannot kill someone by giving them a headache...so SHUT UP! Maggie cannot even die in peace and is being fed probably cold chicken broth! Also it was brought to my attention today that Maggie is too ladylike to even be able to pee so that explains that!

Extra special side note: I think Sami should be chloroformed by her own children. Johnny should take over the house and Allie should run a sweat shop. Also Johnny needs his own webshow because he (and the other brother that plays him) ARE ADORABLE!

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