Thursday, November 18, 2010

All My Viruses

The Plague has officially come to Salem. BUST OUT THE BOOZE! Luckily Maggie is tucked away in a coffin and can't catch anything. LUCKY HER! So Melanie and Nathan have caught a weird virus from the dead patient Mr. Rodriguez. Carly, Daniel, and Ben do what good doctors do. THEY PANIC!!!!!! Carly is freaking out her kid has it, Ben is rethinking the transfer to Salem, and Daniel still don't know what the hell he talking about. Chloe also gets a scare from Maxine who takes Baby Parker away. Yes let's upset the already unstable Chloe. Side note: baby Parker is played by adorable babies...and u can tell the difference between then when one has a redder face than the HD.

Random side note: Let's make Maxine a regular who slaps characters out of their funky attitudes. Thanks.

Since this episode was really about the outbreak lets make an outbreak check list:

1. When your daughter is passing out on a park bench....Do not question the girl DOCTOR!

2. Drinking beer with aspirin helps alleviate Virus like symptoms.

3. Let's all pray Stephanie catches a disease.

4. Hazmat suits are attractive and should be required hospital garb.

5. When there is a virus and you come into contact with others...those other people CATCH the damn virus!

6. If the baby catches the virus SEE NUMBER FIVE!

7. Let's all stop visiting the baby when there is an OUTBREAK!

8. When you get a virus you look hungover with the chills...but that Mark Hapka still looks hot sweaty. And Molly looked lovely as well.

9. PANIC!!!!

EJ/Sami/Rafe were on today however they caught no diseases. They also went over their list of crimes without ever serving jail time. Ironically if Arianna was alive she would be sued for stealing a Days of Our Lives episode on her Flip cam! That was Copyright Infringement.

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