Monday, November 15, 2010

The Red and the Rudiful

Everyone on my screen looked almost RED at one point or another. Okay not everyone just Chappell, Sweeney, Chandler, and James. Dear Days lighting and makeup...STOP IT!

EJ plans on kidnapping his kids....again. So he chloroforms Sami and gets caught by a screaming Allie. Okay that was kind of hysterical but EJ and Sami are really really boring right now. Sami sucks at scheming lately, and would make the old Sami cringe. EJ also is making no sense but at least he looks good doing anything! Rafe is trying to destroy the evidence against Sami but it is RAFE which is code for "He can't do anything right." Nicole probably has 80,000 copies of the tape and just because he ruined her computer it means NOTHING. Side note: Nicole is a great babysitter even when she is drunk!

Carly finally figured out Bo and Hope aren't over. Wow it only took a WHOLE YEAR! What hints did Carly miss looking back...the lack of constant "I love yous," the constant mention of HOPE, the topics of conversation that are always HOPE related, the looks of concern on Bo's face whenever Carly talks and its not about HOPE?! Has anyone informed Carly by the way that Chloe had the baby? No, hmm you would have thought she would have been informed considering that is the storyline the writers PUT HER IN! Bo also talks to Jen about my favorite topic...HOW MUCH JACK SUCKS! I never liked Jack, I thought he was a goofy NOT FUNNY asshole! Jen meets Dr. Ben who is possibly very Jack like (still too early to tell) and nope there was no foreshadowing of a get together WHAT SO EVER! -----> Sarcasm. This does not bold well for Jen....they should hook her up with someone EJ.

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