Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maggie Looks Young, and Chloe looks Restless

Maggie has been thrown in the sarcophagus! Great now we have to endure her in there and she is not taking it as comically as Vivian did. Vivian doing this just got meaner because she wants Maggie dead to hurt Victor now. She wants revenge against Victor, but of course we all know Victor will save Maggie....but God knows when. The best part of this all is hopefully this brings Maggie and Victor closer together. Maggie is worried about Victor even though she is the one in danger...THAT IS LOVE...and its Magic! Honestly this couple is the best one on this show!

EJ/Sami/Rafe know how to bore an audience to death with their constant fighting. Whatever happens doesn't matter because in a few months Sami will probably want EJ again because she is a dumbass, and Rafe will sit around with his thumb up his ass as usual. Interestingly, it is NICOLE who has the goods on Sami. While I love Nicole and really think she'd be a better mom than Sami, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole blackmailing Sami for Sydney storyline that is coming up. And of course EJ is going to blackmail Sami for custody of the kids too. This is just going in CIRCLES! With the exception of Nicole everyone else is acting like an asshole and it is not cute, romantic or redeeming in any way.

Melanie decides to tell Daniel everything! Chloe is obviously upset by this and so she goes after Melanie at the Horton cabin. Okay when did Chloe learn to drive a boat? Also she didn't really need to throw the keys away, she could have just hid them in her bra. Melanie calls Daniel and the stress puts Chloe in labor. Well actually Chloe takes the opportunity to jog around and chase Melanie, whilst swiping her arms at the girl. Melanie ducks and covers from the pregnant lady and then is shocked that Chloe is moaning without a man around. Yes Chloe is in labor and orgasming at the same time. Right now this is my favorite storyline other than Maggie and Victor because the fact that Melanie has to deliver her husband's kid is just FUN! Also she gets to stare at Chloe's Hoo Ha for a whole episode which is longer then most of the men get! Go Mel!

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