Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy 45th Birthday Days of Our Lives

Days celebrates its 45th anniversary today. So to be different let us look at the good things!

The show is amazing for bringing out so much emotion from its fan base whether we are happy or upset with it. We care for these characters and what happens to them. Let's hope the show continues and just gets better!

To the fans....Days fans are dedicated and fact I'm sure some will actually be COMMITTED one day. First and foremost this is a SHOW! It is a SHOW and the CHARACTERS are not REAL! No matter which fanbase you belong to, because it is a soap opera, you will be disappointed at some point. Take it out on the WRITERS! Not the actors! Like I said a few weeks ago about the Ejamis and the are both getting the shaft with the writing and deserve better. For WEEKS/MONTHS/YEARS now Carbos and Bopes have been at each other's throats name calling and fingerpointing. IT IS A SHOW!

For today at least let's drop the crap and show respect for a show that brings us all together and drives us insane at the same time! And once that is over....let's all go after the real troublemaker Dena Higley...who has turned beloved characters...and I mean all characters (Bo, Hope, Carly, Sami, Caroline etc) into bumbling morons.

One last thing to add: I'd like to honor the fans who DO NOT take things seriously and act with respect. I am sorry that certain people ruin things for everyone and are bad names to their fanbases making them all sound bad. Not all fans are crazy and we salute you!

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  1. Mandy, thanks you are spot on with this one. It's a show, not reality. So let's all enjoy for what it is (or isnt') and get on with our lives. We need to be thankful that we still have a daytime drama to watch.


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