Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As Chloe Moans...Giving Birth Ya Pervs!

Chloe is having the baby. Scratch that...a Huge 20 pound baby is being ripped from Chloe's HooHa. Melanie has to look "down there" and sees that Chloe's water broke and she is fully shaved. Go Chloe! In probably the most hysterical scene since Vivian and Victor's wedding, Melanie and Chloe scream and yell at each other for the whole show. My favorite is when Chloe screams: I WANNNNNNTTT DRUGGGGGSSSSSSS. Melanie also is appropriately terrified. Daniel and Phil are on their way but I honestly don't want them to get there anytime soon. This is too funny. Melanie is worried because the baby is takes Chloe a minute to realize she did not have sex with a smurf and the baby has lost oxygen. Yes sad, but don't worry baby is fine.

Maggie is stuck in that damn sarcophagus. At this rate the thing will be on the show until New Years. Vivian is being a total bitch and even though she realizes her plans never work she keeps this one annoyingly going. Victor and Brady are taking FOREVER to realize that Vivian got out. This all better lead to happy Maggie/Victor times or I am going to get pissed.

Rafe and Sami are still together...why? No idea! Sami and Rafe had sex after she cried over shooting EJ. That normally does not turn people on but Sami is a rare jewel. Nicole watches Sami's confession tape and it amazingly looks like she watching an episode of Days! What an angle Ari got on Sami! Nicole goes over Sami's house and is prepared to blackmail her for Sydney...what else is new? I think Sami should hand her over she is a terrible mom. BTW EJ was on today too but his whining made me tune him out.

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