Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boring Wedding and the Beautiful Tree Decorations!!

Short Recap before Thanksgiving BREAK!

Sami and Rafe were married. I am so glad this boring wedding happened during Sweeps! Seriously if I were a Safe fan I would be irritated with the horrible writing and wedding that happened. It was only semi-romantic and what was with all the side shows: tree trimming and chord sharing? WTF. Also Caroline might actually think she IS GOD with all the God references she makes.

EJ is angry. When is he not? He does now have custody of the kids so a new nanny can be their real parent. Nicole is also going to be part of Sydney's life which is probably a good thing because Nicole is really the only one who gives a damn about that kid. I would steal Johnny personally.

The virus is still out there.....but its not being addressed...thanks Days!

Hope is still in jail and this storyline SUCKS! Seriously I am not even a Hope fan...we ALL know this. However she is getting NOWHERE with the storyline of whatever the hell is going on in that prison. ITS LAME. Just let her out already that way we can stop watching a marathon of visitors that no one really cares about! Now she gets thrown in solitary, I guess to get sympathy from the viewer...yeah no I don't care she is in solitary. In fact it sucks because now we have to hear her talk to herself about how terrible jail is!

Maggie is OUT of the coffin, and Vivian will get away with it because the whole town will go to jail! Maggie tells Victor they are over...THEY DIDN'T EVEN GET A CHANCE! I want at least a Xmas miracle and Maggie and Victor together for the holidays! Best couple on the damn show and best chemistry! THIS is how you write a love story, and not some other kind of crap I won't use as an example because I am in no mood for crazy fans.

So Happy Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of food and stay drama free. If not...start a food fight. That is an order!

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