Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boring Wedding and the Beautiful Tree Decorations!!

Short Recap before Thanksgiving BREAK!

Sami and Rafe were married. I am so glad this boring wedding happened during Sweeps! Seriously if I were a Safe fan I would be irritated with the horrible writing and wedding that happened. It was only semi-romantic and what was with all the side shows: tree trimming and chord sharing? WTF. Also Caroline might actually think she IS GOD with all the God references she makes.

EJ is angry. When is he not? He does now have custody of the kids so a new nanny can be their real parent. Nicole is also going to be part of Sydney's life which is probably a good thing because Nicole is really the only one who gives a damn about that kid. I would steal Johnny personally.

The virus is still out there.....but its not being addressed...thanks Days!

Hope is still in jail and this storyline SUCKS! Seriously I am not even a Hope fan...we ALL know this. However she is getting NOWHERE with the storyline of whatever the hell is going on in that prison. ITS LAME. Just let her out already that way we can stop watching a marathon of visitors that no one really cares about! Now she gets thrown in solitary, I guess to get sympathy from the viewer...yeah no I don't care she is in solitary. In fact it sucks because now we have to hear her talk to herself about how terrible jail is!

Maggie is OUT of the coffin, and Vivian will get away with it because the whole town will go to jail! Maggie tells Victor they are over...THEY DIDN'T EVEN GET A CHANCE! I want at least a Xmas miracle and Maggie and Victor together for the holidays! Best couple on the damn show and best chemistry! THIS is how you write a love story, and not some other kind of crap I won't use as an example because I am in no mood for crazy fans.

So Happy Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of food and stay drama free. If not...start a food fight. That is an order!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

All My Viruses

The Plague has officially come to Salem. BUST OUT THE BOOZE! Luckily Maggie is tucked away in a coffin and can't catch anything. LUCKY HER! So Melanie and Nathan have caught a weird virus from the dead patient Mr. Rodriguez. Carly, Daniel, and Ben do what good doctors do. THEY PANIC!!!!!! Carly is freaking out her kid has it, Ben is rethinking the transfer to Salem, and Daniel still don't know what the hell he talking about. Chloe also gets a scare from Maxine who takes Baby Parker away. Yes let's upset the already unstable Chloe. Side note: baby Parker is played by adorable babies...and u can tell the difference between then when one has a redder face than the HD.

Random side note: Let's make Maxine a regular who slaps characters out of their funky attitudes. Thanks.

Since this episode was really about the outbreak lets make an outbreak check list:

1. When your daughter is passing out on a park bench....Do not question the girl DOCTOR!

2. Drinking beer with aspirin helps alleviate Virus like symptoms.

3. Let's all pray Stephanie catches a disease.

4. Hazmat suits are attractive and should be required hospital garb.

5. When there is a virus and you come into contact with others...those other people CATCH the damn virus!

6. If the baby catches the virus SEE NUMBER FIVE!

7. Let's all stop visiting the baby when there is an OUTBREAK!

8. When you get a virus you look hungover with the chills...but that Mark Hapka still looks hot sweaty. And Molly looked lovely as well.

9. PANIC!!!!

EJ/Sami/Rafe were on today however they caught no diseases. They also went over their list of crimes without ever serving jail time. Ironically if Arianna was alive she would be sued for stealing a Days of Our Lives episode on her Flip cam! That was Copyright Infringement.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All My Sami's Children

EJ and Nicole are going to team up against Sami to get custody of Sydney. UGHHHHH BLARRRGGG. I feel like the show just went backwards two years. Do I think Nicole is a better mom than Sami? HELL YES. Also if I were an EJami fan I would be SUPER annoyed with Days writing. How are you supposed to forget the guy raping Sami when EVERYTIME he is mad at her he attacks her by chloroforming her? He yells at her violently? For a guy who is in love with the lady he acts like he hates her more. I am glad that they are split up right now because he can honestly do better. Sami is NOT the old Sami that I loved growing up. I do not feel bad for her and I do not root for her because she is written in such an unsympathetic way. Also why the hell is Rafe with her? ONE the guy is boring (writers fault) and two he is a MORON! Sami is stupid yes, but that doesn't mean she needs an equally stupid partner. How about we play a game called...LET SAMI BE SINGLE!

Now onto Nicole...since when is teaming with EJ a good idea? I'm going to at least hope there is a brief reunion between these two because do I think they are the perfect couple...duh NO...but they ARE entertaining together. Brady suspects something is up with Nicole...I do not care...why the hell does Brady have clothing on? And if Rafe thinks he got rid of all of Nicole's evidence...wait he is a moron so of course he thinks that NEVERMIND.

Melanie and Nathan is not really cute. I am over the whole tension between these two because I honestly do not buy them as a couple right now. YES they are going to get together but my point is it wasn't done in a way where I care! Also they encounter the patient with a gross virus from I believe South America. Okay it looked like the guy had the PLAGUE, and they treated him like he was not even in the room. Worry about the sweaty guy who looks like he is going to puke...NOT STEPHANIE. While Stephanie and puke have alot in common....she needs to go on a vacation! Caroline convinces her to keep lying because Grandma is BONKERS! Stephanie needs to leave and come back a race car driver with a new personality, like she did the first time.

Maggie is still in the damn coffin and not enough people realize something is wrong. Does Maggie up and leave without any notice...yeah No you morons! Also, Vivian needs to realize that you cannot kill someone by giving them a SHUT UP! Maggie cannot even die in peace and is being fed probably cold chicken broth! Also it was brought to my attention today that Maggie is too ladylike to even be able to pee so that explains that!

Extra special side note: I think Sami should be chloroformed by her own children. Johnny should take over the house and Allie should run a sweat shop. Also Johnny needs his own webshow because he (and the other brother that plays him) ARE ADORABLE!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Red and the Rudiful

Everyone on my screen looked almost RED at one point or another. Okay not everyone just Chappell, Sweeney, Chandler, and James. Dear Days lighting and makeup...STOP IT!

EJ plans on kidnapping his kids....again. So he chloroforms Sami and gets caught by a screaming Allie. Okay that was kind of hysterical but EJ and Sami are really really boring right now. Sami sucks at scheming lately, and would make the old Sami cringe. EJ also is making no sense but at least he looks good doing anything! Rafe is trying to destroy the evidence against Sami but it is RAFE which is code for "He can't do anything right." Nicole probably has 80,000 copies of the tape and just because he ruined her computer it means NOTHING. Side note: Nicole is a great babysitter even when she is drunk!

Carly finally figured out Bo and Hope aren't over. Wow it only took a WHOLE YEAR! What hints did Carly miss looking back...the lack of constant "I love yous," the constant mention of HOPE, the topics of conversation that are always HOPE related, the looks of concern on Bo's face whenever Carly talks and its not about HOPE?! Has anyone informed Carly by the way that Chloe had the baby? No, hmm you would have thought she would have been informed considering that is the storyline the writers PUT HER IN! Bo also talks to Jen about my favorite topic...HOW MUCH JACK SUCKS! I never liked Jack, I thought he was a goofy NOT FUNNY asshole! Jen meets Dr. Ben who is possibly very Jack like (still too early to tell) and nope there was no foreshadowing of a get together WHAT SO EVER! -----> Sarcasm. This does not bold well for Jen....they should hook her up with someone EJ.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As Chloe Moans...Giving Birth Ya Pervs!

Chloe is having the baby. Scratch that...a Huge 20 pound baby is being ripped from Chloe's HooHa. Melanie has to look "down there" and sees that Chloe's water broke and she is fully shaved. Go Chloe! In probably the most hysterical scene since Vivian and Victor's wedding, Melanie and Chloe scream and yell at each other for the whole show. My favorite is when Chloe screams: I WANNNNNNTTT DRUGGGGGSSSSSSS. Melanie also is appropriately terrified. Daniel and Phil are on their way but I honestly don't want them to get there anytime soon. This is too funny. Melanie is worried because the baby is takes Chloe a minute to realize she did not have sex with a smurf and the baby has lost oxygen. Yes sad, but don't worry baby is fine.

Maggie is stuck in that damn sarcophagus. At this rate the thing will be on the show until New Years. Vivian is being a total bitch and even though she realizes her plans never work she keeps this one annoyingly going. Victor and Brady are taking FOREVER to realize that Vivian got out. This all better lead to happy Maggie/Victor times or I am going to get pissed.

Rafe and Sami are still together...why? No idea! Sami and Rafe had sex after she cried over shooting EJ. That normally does not turn people on but Sami is a rare jewel. Nicole watches Sami's confession tape and it amazingly looks like she watching an episode of Days! What an angle Ari got on Sami! Nicole goes over Sami's house and is prepared to blackmail her for Sydney...what else is new? I think Sami should hand her over she is a terrible mom. BTW EJ was on today too but his whining made me tune him out.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maggie Looks Young, and Chloe looks Restless

Maggie has been thrown in the sarcophagus! Great now we have to endure her in there and she is not taking it as comically as Vivian did. Vivian doing this just got meaner because she wants Maggie dead to hurt Victor now. She wants revenge against Victor, but of course we all know Victor will save Maggie....but God knows when. The best part of this all is hopefully this brings Maggie and Victor closer together. Maggie is worried about Victor even though she is the one in danger...THAT IS LOVE...and its Magic! Honestly this couple is the best one on this show!

EJ/Sami/Rafe know how to bore an audience to death with their constant fighting. Whatever happens doesn't matter because in a few months Sami will probably want EJ again because she is a dumbass, and Rafe will sit around with his thumb up his ass as usual. Interestingly, it is NICOLE who has the goods on Sami. While I love Nicole and really think she'd be a better mom than Sami, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole blackmailing Sami for Sydney storyline that is coming up. And of course EJ is going to blackmail Sami for custody of the kids too. This is just going in CIRCLES! With the exception of Nicole everyone else is acting like an asshole and it is not cute, romantic or redeeming in any way.

Melanie decides to tell Daniel everything! Chloe is obviously upset by this and so she goes after Melanie at the Horton cabin. Okay when did Chloe learn to drive a boat? Also she didn't really need to throw the keys away, she could have just hid them in her bra. Melanie calls Daniel and the stress puts Chloe in labor. Well actually Chloe takes the opportunity to jog around and chase Melanie, whilst swiping her arms at the girl. Melanie ducks and covers from the pregnant lady and then is shocked that Chloe is moaning without a man around. Yes Chloe is in labor and orgasming at the same time. Right now this is my favorite storyline other than Maggie and Victor because the fact that Melanie has to deliver her husband's kid is just FUN! Also she gets to stare at Chloe's Hoo Ha for a whole episode which is longer then most of the men get! Go Mel!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy 45th Birthday Days of Our Lives

Days celebrates its 45th anniversary today. So to be different let us look at the good things!

The show is amazing for bringing out so much emotion from its fan base whether we are happy or upset with it. We care for these characters and what happens to them. Let's hope the show continues and just gets better!

To the fans....Days fans are dedicated and fact I'm sure some will actually be COMMITTED one day. First and foremost this is a SHOW! It is a SHOW and the CHARACTERS are not REAL! No matter which fanbase you belong to, because it is a soap opera, you will be disappointed at some point. Take it out on the WRITERS! Not the actors! Like I said a few weeks ago about the Ejamis and the are both getting the shaft with the writing and deserve better. For WEEKS/MONTHS/YEARS now Carbos and Bopes have been at each other's throats name calling and fingerpointing. IT IS A SHOW!

For today at least let's drop the crap and show respect for a show that brings us all together and drives us insane at the same time! And once that is over....let's all go after the real troublemaker Dena Higley...who has turned beloved characters...and I mean all characters (Bo, Hope, Carly, Sami, Caroline etc) into bumbling morons.

One last thing to add: I'd like to honor the fans who DO NOT take things seriously and act with respect. I am sorry that certain people ruin things for everyone and are bad names to their fanbases making them all sound bad. Not all fans are crazy and we salute you!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Special Title: Caroline Sucks!

Okay if you are a Caroline fan DO NOT proceed in reading this post.

Caroline switched the paternity tests..why...because basically she is a CUNT. Sorry if that word offends you but it is actually the best description of a character who is such a hypocrite she makes you want to throw up! She did it for Stephanie, then she did it because she hates Victor, and she did it to protect her family, and on and on. Face it Caroline you are a bitch who does not mind her business and now we know where Sami and Kayla and Stephanie and the family dog get it from! Go read your Bible and find the passage where it says it is okay to fuck with people's lives for no reason. Okay who am I really mad at? The writers for pulling this LAME ASS crap once again..What is next?

Caroline ran over Arianna....Caroline made Nicole unable to carry babies....Caroline knocked out Gus and is feeding Vivian pub food....Caroline is behind the supposed organ harvesting ring and that is why she is living large since the Pub has been dealing with the recession. Who shaved EJ's head...CAROLINE! Who cut off Will's balls....Caroline!

Do you see my point? We got ripped off again in what could have been a good storyline. Now if Caroline is covering for someone I would be happy, but you know what? I had to listen to her shit all day about how much she wants to lie to protect her family. That is NOT ok. This lady lectures everyone and she has the nerve to say it is ok when she does it.

Other stuff that happened: Stephanie and Nathan had sex...I puked. Maggie visited Hope in jail....I ate a sandwich. Bo finds out Carly and Chloe are friends...I shook my head. Victor and Kate are working together with regards to Vivian...I puked again. Kayla is wearing that same ugly vest....I shocked myself with paddles just to revive myself from all that puking. Thank God I am still alive after that episode.
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