Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All My Sarcophagus Fights

It's my birthday party and I can skip a blog if I want too!!! Okay I will write something but I am going with the short and not so sweet approach as usual.

Vivian and Brady slap each other around for the whole hour. It is kinky, feisty, and Brady finds out Isabella is sleeping with the pets of Salem. Is it tacky? yes but at least Vivian had her moved to where she is the hottest chick in the place. Anyways Brady catches up to Vivian and vows to make her pay. Which really just means Vivian will get buried alive sometimes soon.

Melanie and Nathan have awkward time and if that's not enough they drag the poor Olsen twins into the mix!! That's just rude! Melanie and Maggie also discuss what happened but Melanie changed the subject to Maggie and Victor. She wants Maggie to be a vixen, but Maggie does not want to play the home wrecker role. Awwwwww. Nathan and Phillip also have awkward time but they are just playing pool and I did not listen to a word they said because they fine....but boring.

Will won't tell on his mother...I think he just said that because her cleavage was hanging out and things got awkward. Kate visits EJ and stabs him in the leg to see if he is faking...could she have not shouted in his ear? Anyways she talks to Chad and decides she will use the info about him being Stefano's son somehow to her advantage. She sees Will with EJ and worries that Will might have shot EJ. Will continues crushing on Chad, and just come out already! Sami talks to Rafe about how to tell Johnny his dad has been shot....because Rafe who has NO children is the person to go to for this kind of advice...CALL YOUR MOTHER!!

The End!! I didn't get Hope stabbed on my birthday but a girl can still dream! Thanks everyone!!

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