Tuesday, September 7, 2010

General Hospital Haircuts: EJ is BALD

So I'm back! Thanks everyone for the well wishes and my dad is finally home and doing great....unlike that EJ guy who has Daniel and Carly operating on him which really sucks. Also, the episode today was all over the place and way too much happened without anything happening at all. That makes perfect sense!

EJ is bald now. At least he is still a sexy beast though. The surgery was pretty fake and nothing much happened except Carly stared over Daniel's shoulder while he bulled out a bullet from EJ's skull. Her enormous surgery scrubs should have been cut along with EJ's hair. Carly finally has alone time with EJ and he is unconscious...I would mount him and go for an inappropriate doctor storyline. Stefano is in the waiting room crying and accusing everyone of killing Elvis. Kate just wants translations when he goes off in Italian at the bottom of the screen. He accuses Nicole of doing it but she has an alibi....which even she and Chloe are shocked by.

Nathan needs a haircut too. His hair might have shot EJ its so out of control. He calls Chloe out again for being a big whore and he upsets her. Apparently Chloe is also 8 months pregnant with that belly sticking out. She keeps touching her tummy to remind us she is pregnant, or maybe herself. Phil is so happy he isn't the dad that he puts on a dimple show. Melanie calls him out on it, but they decide that the baby is family so they should put together a shower. The only showers I like are when attractive people are having sex naked in one! Speaking of someone who needs a haircut, that girl Ian needs one too! Stephanie cons the poor boy into finding out who switched the test results. If I were him I would at least demand sex as a payment!

Sami says yes to Rafe's marriage proposal.... is anyone surprised by this? In fact Johnny is not even shocked and is like here we go again! Caroline is happy about the news....hypocrite bitch! Sorry! Bo comes in and announced to Rafe and Sami that EJ was shot, and Sami assumes he is dead. Well okay that seems suspicious...Bo write that down!! Does anyone really care that Sami shot EJ?? It's not like anyone is going to go to jail over this for a long period of time.

Brady thinks Victor has the hots for Maggie and sending Vivian away is to get closer to Maggie, not because of Stefano. Okay that conversation was not that blunt but I filled in the blanks basically. Vivian overhears everything and is probably cleaning off the sarcophagus as we speak. Victor calls Maggie and tells he she should leave town because he cares for her and worries about Stefano hurting her....Say it with me...Awwwwww.

Previews: Kate tells Bo she is not hiding anything....which means she is hiding something. If I were Bo I would look behind the blue hair and question her about that. I would want answers.

Stephanie says to Phillip: OMG, you told him. This girl is digging her own grave. She could be a total kickass character if she wasn't such a whiny ass bitch who can't commit to being a total bitch!

Stefano asks Carly if EJ is going to be all right. Who cares I am just excited they are having their FIRST CONVERSATION!! YAY!!

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