Monday, September 20, 2010

As the Magic Turns....and Vivian has to Pee.

Three Reasons to watch Days right now...Victor and Maggie, and then Brady who is inadvertently bringing them together even more. Brady won't let Vivian out of the sarcophagus and she is forced to watch everyone throw a party that she is gone forever. Well it's kind of sad that no one cares for Vivian, but she brought this on herself. She calls everyone BASTARDS, which turns out to not be insulting because most of them actually are. Phillip....Bastard, Melanie....Bastard, Chloe...Bastard, Daniel..probably a Bastard or has other Bastard children. Justin just is a Bastard, and has one Bastard child that I remember. So Vivian and Maggie have the chance to get closer while Vivian has to hold it in until November sweeps. Hope she invested in Depends.

The not so great storyline....EJ getting shot. Okay I'm not thrilled with this storyline at all actually. There is no mystery as to who shot EJ, and Sami is the biggest screw up of all time. However, the fact that Will is being to blame and she does nothing to stop it is the really annoying part of all of this. Kate and Sami are also being friendly because Stefano thinks Will did it. Just NO! Kate and Sami getting along means that you are already writing incorrectly! Also, Rafe thinking Will shot EJ makes sense because Rafe is a moron, but get this over with please. At least Will is smarter than his parents.....oh yeah and gay. EJ was also taken off the monitors but is breathing and is saying Samantha's name. One: you can do better than Sami, two: Lexie don't know shit.

Minor story today: Stephanie just won't go away. She now suspects that Daniel switched the tests. Daniel was my guess because he is the least likely suspect but Stephanie figuring that out makes me wonder what the hell they are doing with this storyline. The baby might actually be Satan's the amount of times the stupid test was switched. Stephanie you annoyed Adrienne so much that she actually had to call Kayla for back up. Way to go! Update: Ian still looks like a girl and has a lesbian crush on Chloe..Discuss!

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