Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dead and the Pimped Out Sarcophagus

Vivian knocked Brady over the head with an urn when he found out that his mother's sarcophagus was pimped out to bury Maggie alive. Okay what other show can you really say this about? Seriously! Also, I feel cheated that Vivian's plans were discovered by BRADY of all people. Apparently booze makes you smarter, because Brady can only think when he is drunk. Rafe and Roman should start drinking immediately. Chloe should have an IV hooked up to her. So after Brady calls Vivian a bitch repeatedly, she hits him with an urn..Tip for Vivian: Start using real weapons like guns and knives because this inanimate object thing is not working for you. Gus also calls Maggie to inform her about Vivian's plan but Maggie has bad service. I blame AT&T.

Hope is in the BIG house and her roommate is a creepy butch lady named Tina who wants to stab her after she finds out who Hope is. I like Tina!! Bo is worried about his Freaky face and Ciara is being nice to Carly. I am going to throw up! Bo hopes Ciara's letter boosts Hope's spirits..no that would be food. Tina picks a fight with Hope and Hope beats HER up...so Tina fails as a human being because she can not fight a stick figure of a woman who weighs 47 pounds. Stacy Haiduk is playing the warden by the way, and she wont be around for long because they fired her...what a waste! So now she dislikes Hope, and because Hope sent Tina to the infirmary all the inmates know that Hope is a cop. Hopefully someone stabs the bitch. Tina recommends that Hope doesn't eat.....Apparently Tina does not read my blog or my tweets, so I would like Tina to also die. Hope not eating or showering is NOT a punishment for a woman who NEVER eats!!

Stephanie and Chloe hold a Father Matt Fan Club meeting, but ultimately the big news is that Chloe did not change the DNA results. Now Stephanie knows it was not Philip or Chloe...which means it was...okay I'm saying Daniel because honestly he is the only person who I would not suspect and that is usually who did it. Also, Nathan tells Melanie again that he is not fond of Chloe. Nathan not liking Chloe just means that he is secretly a homosexual...it happens! Nathan dreams of Melanie while he is napping and starts saying that he loves her. UGHHH! Melanie and Nathan just don't do it for me. I'd rather he go with someone else and leave Melanie caught between Phillip and maybe Brady. She looks better with the older fellows! Nathan should be gay or sleep with Kate, because let's face it she'll sleep with anyone.

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