Monday, September 13, 2010

One Satan to Hail

In what might have been the most hysterical thing ever: Vivian fantasizes that Chloe is pregnant with the Antichrist and Carly helps her give birth to the name of Satan...HAIL SATAN! Other than that the show was kinda slow lol. This was the best part and thankfully or unthankfully woke me up for the second half. In Vivian news: She gets busted by Brady who spots the TV monitor in his mother's sarco...I won't say it sorry. Brady wants Maggie to go to his mother's service but instead this guy is going to chuck Vivian in this over sized above ground coffin. In Vivian's defense....heaven might have tv and air conditioning. You never know! Also, what kind of henchman is GUS?! You do not bail on your just constantly tell her she is wrong. I hope he actually goes for a colonic!

Okay the rest of the episode kinda was BLAHHHHH, and by BLLLLAHHHHHHH I mean Rafe was on. Sami tries to defend herself to Will but he is clearly there to just hate anything she does. He is not happy with his mother shooting EJ, but he was also unhappy when she was going to marry him so I don't know what the kid wants. Stefano begins to think Will might have shot EJ and Kate says she will declare war on him if he goes after her grandson. What is she going to do dye his hair blue when he is sleeping? Also Will cannot even comb his hair let alone shoot EJ correctly, and if he did well he is clearly a really bad shot so he is undoubtedly Sami's son.

Oh yeah Arianna likes EJ by the way....told ya!! And she will NOT stop until she discovers her shot him...which means she going to die! It was nice knowing you!

Previews: Stephanie asks Ian who else doesn't want Chloe to know that she's not carrying Daniel's baby. The whole DAMN TOWN Steph!! It's actually kind of ridiculous. Also there is a rumor the baby might be SATAN's!!!

Daniel says to Carly that there is something she's not telling him. Well she didn't tell him "NO" or "Use Protection" years ago so something tells ME that this is a recurring theme with Carly omitting important pieces of information.

Brady tells Vivian that she went way too far. Vivian is in trouble if Brady spots the Fridge and Bar in the lower portion of the coffin. Ooopss.

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