Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burials of Our Lives

First thinks First.....WILL IS BORING!! Will with Rafe is BORING...Will talking to a dying EJ...BORING...Will with his grandmother...BOOOORRRINNNNGGG. So when is Will not boring..with Sami, Chad, and Stefano. RECOGNIZE! Will crying over EJ is making me ill because he hated the asshole. Rafe and Kate thinks he is obviously hiding something, and do you know why? Because he SUCKS at acting like he does not know anything. Stop focusing on Will and focus a little more on maybe CHAD, who was just revealed as Stefano's son. Yeah thanks! Also, why the hell is Sami of all people deciding if EJ should be kept on machines?! This should not be legal and at least they let Lexie out of her hidden cave and she even was able to get groped by Daniel! Good for her! One more thing to add: Rafe dreaming about Will shooting EJ? Okay that does not happen in real life and if you dream about EJ he should be NAKED.

It also seems that being in a coma, bald, with a gunshot wound to the head makes you more attractive to women because now Nicole and Arianna are fighting over EJ. Nicole feels bad to see EJ dying but then freaks out and starts hitting the poor bastard. Arianna walks in and stops her. Nicole and Arianna later argue on the PIER. Next time girls, little less talking and more hair pulling and punching. Nicole figures out that Arianna has a crush on EJ and warns her that she is being stupid. Is being in love with EJ stupid? Technically yes because he is a bad guy and this will lead Arianna to her death which really sucks but that's what her boring badly written character gets when she could have been a totally better character, and my rant stops here. P.S. Nicole's scenes with Daniel....I see potential between the two and would like Nicole to steal him from Chloe THANKS!

Brady locks Vivian in the sarcophagus, and essentially...annoys the shit out of her. He sits on the thing, starts yelling at her in it, and even throws things at the camera. Vivian looks like she wants to pass out and die, which does serve her right for burying Carly all those years ago. For some reason I still feel bad for Viv, and while this is funny I don't enjoy seeing people buried alive. I get claustrophobic SORRY! Anyways Eric Martsolf does an amazing job at acting with himself when he drunkenly zooms in and out of the cameras when he is terrorizing Vivian. He even goes as far as telling her that Maggie and Victor are doing it. Okay kinda eww. Vivian is freaking the hell out and begs to be let out but he will not let her go....which makes you wonder..How long can Vivian hold in her pee?! Maggie tells Victor she's staying in town and that she GASP likes him. They are ADORABLE together and he reciprocates his feelings and it's done in a classy and old fashioned way. However, Maggie also tells him the time isn't right for them to get together because he is married and she still loves Mickey...clearly forgetting the horrific BONNIE years I had to watch. Victor will hopefully be respectful while still putting the moves on the lady. Go Maggie!

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