Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cute Old Folks and their Restless Relationship

Days was extremely boring today except for the Maggie and Victor, and Brady and Vivian parts. In fact they should just have whole episodes at this point because that's all I care about right now! Maggie and Victor decide to be friend but just FOR NOW! Maggie and Victor flirted the whole time and are getting more and more adorable. If these two get a love scene, it might freak me out...but I am rooting for them. Vivian gets a visit from Carly who is wearing red? visiting Isabella. She misses her friend....yes Carly once had friends, shocking I know. Brady watches as he sees Carly talking about Vivian and how she can't believe she is gone. Does Brady know Carly is his godmother? This overlooked fact really annoys me. Bo shows up and wonder why Vivian left, but Brady is not letting Vivian out despite her warnings that no one will believe she is gone. Brady reminds Vivian he has her phone and the emails he sends cannot be traced. Thus proving my theory: Brady is a GENIUS when he drinks and has stubble.

The rest of the show was terrrrribbbbblllleeee. Arianna has the hots for EJ all of a sudden. Rafe is annoyed with her, but also finds time to question Will about why he is acting weird. Kate and Stefano are now at odds because he thinks Will shot EJ. She talks to Phillip about worrying what Stefano will do to the person who shot EJ. THIS SUCKS!! Kate actually loves Stefano, and Stefano had a quirky bond with Will so this whole "William shot Elvis" crap is pissing me off. Kate thinks about poisoning Stefano if he goes after Will....because her track record of poisoning people is terrific! P.S. to Days Wardrobe Department...just because Kate and Stefano are married...does NOT mean it is cute when they dress alike!

Abe and Lexie and Bo were on today too. You can thank me now for not discussing the entire amount of time they wasted. My favorite Bo part: when Carly tells him Isabella would be happy they were together and he says NOTHING! That is clearly love. Bad writing, bad story, bad character development, Go choke on a Snowball writers!

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