Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bold Ass Baby Bump and the Baby Shower

Kayla is BACK! and guess what?! NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! GO ANNOY SOMEONE ELSE AND TAKE IAN AND STEPHANIE UNLESS THEY WRITER HER BETTER WITH YOU! Also, you know the character sucks when she ruins what could have been good looking people naked having a boring sex scene! Speaking of the girl Ian, he is coming off extremely stalkerish now. Didn't Stephanie already have a stalker? Please not again! Daniel meets Ian after the little girl has a motorcycle accident...which does not make that girl anymore manly honestly. Nathan gives him a hard time again, and guess what...STILL BORING! Daniel even threatens him....this cannot get worse.

Just checked the sarcophagus and Vivian is still in it! Brady even sits on her and it is not so kinky as it sounds. Essentially the bitch is going to be stuck in there for all eternity.

Stefano tells Kate that he has proof that Will did not do it, but Sami's fingerprints are on the box that had the gun in it. Stefano and Kate admit it would have been weird if Will's prints were on it because they love each other and would then be at each other's throats. I honestly enjoy the fact that they were concerned they had to hurt each other and genuinely cared...awwww! They are like the evil version of Maggie and Victor. Will is nice enough to visit EJ and ask him to die. That's sweet, and hopefully EJ won't listen. On a positive note Arianna massaged EJ...I just won't say which part.

It's BABY SHOWER TOWN!!! Let's play WHO DA DADDY! Chloe is now pregnant with a 24 month old child in her 5th month of pregnancy. She LARGE! Nicole goes to buy "soda" which we all know is code for a Martini Run! Everyone knows that before a baby shower you need to get hammered to be able to sit through it. While out Nicole runs into Brady and he still wants nothing to do with her. This leads to Nicole doing is the little things like this that make me love Nicole. Soooo she shows up to the realllllyyyy boring Girlie Baby shower and Carly starts slapping her a little. Either this is a good sign for Team Narly or a Realllllllyyyyy BADDDD one. Then she makes a comment about Chloe wronging Daniel and Melanie makes a "sayyyyy whattttttt bitch" face. Way to go now have no more friends...welcome to Carly's world.

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