Friday, August 27, 2010

As Chloe Gets "Fatter"

EJ tries to explain himself to Sami and he even proposes again. Finally Sami tells him off because what he did was stupid and would have never worked. He explains to her that he loves her and that she loves him, and they've both become better people. Sami then explains that she has loved Rafe all along, and EJ can basically go to hell. Aww that sucks. Sami is going to take the kids and leave, as EJ tries to say goodbye to the always confused children. Kate learns from Rafe about Ej's evil plot and even she is appalled. When Kate thinks you did something are up shit's creek without a paddle. Kate hates that Stefano has been lying to her. Chad tries to comfort her and if these two hook up I am going to puke. Stefano tells Chad to get lost in his way and Kate looks like she wants to slap Stefano. Sami takes her kids to the her father and Caroline can basically take care of them. Now it looks as though Sami and Rafe are back together. Here we goo..... EJ also gets a visit from Arianna...have sex and move on thanks.

Vivian is still trying to bury Maggie alive...who knew it was this complex. In fact Vivian's discussion of the technological advances in the field of the sarcophagus are quite compelling in a creepy way. Vivian visits Maggie and the two have a bitchfest. Maggie calls out Vivian for her KINKY OBSESSION with Lawrence. I have been saying that for over a decade thanks!! Vivian mutters that Maggie is a bitch and notices she is planning a vacation. Melanie catches Viv in the kitchen, and Vivian invites her over for "drinkies." Don't drink with people who try to have you just doesn't work. Vivian tells Gus she plans on writing Maggie's farewell letter and Gus looks like he just wants to find a new line of work. Where's Ivan? he took orders well!

Victor learns from Daniel and Chloe that Chloe is pregnant. Victor wants to know immediately who the father is and why Chloe's gained weight. Victor is such a gentleman. He thought Chloe was barren...and Daniel thinks people don't use that word anymore. Not true because I heard someone say it last week Danny! Chloe explains this baby is a gift from God. Victor then feels like lecturing her about how God is not biased. This is foreshadowing by the Days writers that God switched the paternity test because he/she is the LAST person I would suspect. Actually the last person I would suspect is Father Matt because he likes Chloe so much he would want to be the daddy. This conversation just took a weird turn. Anyways...Victor will accept the child but basically he still finds Chloe to be a tramp with no brains.

Nicole is scared that EJ is going to kill her so she tries to leave town. As she is packing she hears a guy sneaking in. She hides in the corner and the guy who played the GAS MAN in Dumb and Dumber comes in with a gun. He turns around to see Nicole standing there with scissors and starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Turns out his name is George and he is the new FBI guy sent to protect Nicole. Nicole cannot leave town because her account was frozen so she is stuck with George or the guy who played the GAS MAN. Nicole visits Chloe with a birthday gift and realizes her friend is fat and they need to talk. Yipee! Side Note: Ari Zucker had me laughing my ass off when she was screaming. Thank you.

Previews: Kate screams at Stefano that she is tired of the lies. Does she not realize who she married? Mr. DiMera keeps secrets. Huge Shocker.

EJ yells at Arianna that he doesn't need help. He needs hope. None of us need Hope..NONE OF US. Apparently EJ needs a cray cray mugger who is near death thin and cannot cry.

Sami says that she is sorry to Rafe. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You should be sorry that you tried to marry a guy that has kept secrets from you and ruined your life on a day to day basis. STOP HAVING KIDS SAMI!

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