Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All My Paternity Test Switchers

Today's episode:

Okay Everyone and their mother could have switched the paternity results...in fact I am suspecting that I might have done it by accident when I tried to download a new version of ITunes. The only person who did not look guilty was Chloe because let's face it...she doesn't know how to turn on a computer let alone hack into an account. My money is on the nun with the drinking habit...pun intended. Her or Donna Scott. Clearly Donna felt ignored that no one will help her with her damn skin grafts. Also it cannot be Ian...he's just too girly. Carly looked very suspicious with her terrible facial expressions of guilt and confusion. That or she had gas. She tells Chloe that Daniel is the dad and we get a giddy Chloe for an hour. Let the birthday party commence!

Nathan and Stephanie have sex. This is not important but they decided to do it for the whole episode. Go Hapka! Nathan might have also switched the test results, but for obviously dumb reasons. The test results have prob been altered three times at this rate. Maybe that nurse who got yelled at did it too because Carly yelled at her and got her in trouble with the nuns. Whatever! Nathan and Stephanie seem all happy, but Nathan also looks guilty and Stephanie wants to know who helped her out. This is riveting stuff.

Rafe interrupted Sami and EJ's wedding. For the whole hour he stopped the wedding...and revealed...wait for it...NOTHING!!! He wasted my time and I had to watch Sami with her ugly lipstick yell at him for "sleeping" with Nicole. Whatever! Next time there is a wedding I would also like Roman to NOT be invited and banned from speaking. Thanks!


Bo tells Carly that he'll make sure that SOB pays for what he did. Okay so Baker will PAY for going along with Hope's plan but Hope will not pay for actually committing the crime. Makes PERFECT sense. Even Carly is like Whatchu talkin' bout Bo?!

EJ tells Rafe that he's had enough of him. Well I hate to say it but I agree with EJ. That and I've had enough of the damn storyline, but Rafe especially with his ability to drag out a speech over three damn episodes. Snails are faster than this dude.

Nicole screams at Brady that EJ's going to figure out she gave Rafe the CD and he's going to kill her. EJ won't kill her.....he'll just threaten really loudly and shake her that he will kill her. Nicole cannot die she is too important to the sale of alcohol in that damn town

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