Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Boldy Thin and Not so Beautiful Hope

Hope gets called to testify at Dick's trial. I am a Team DOPE fan. Think about this people, he is kind of on the larger side and could crush her to death!! Bo and Dick throw a fit at the way THE CRIMINAL Hope is being treated. Might I also add that for the one day Hope has been in jail she's lost about 20 pounds. She also has no makeup on so there is another 10. Can we call Ali Sweeney and ask her if she can start the Biggest Gainer just for Kristian? Hope also cannot cry because her body is devoid of all fluids. Carly shed some tears and should have smeared her leftovers on Hope's face. At least Carly has one high point today: Melanie calls her Mom, but then tells her she looks terrible. OUCH! Carly moves like the Flash apparently and beats Bo home and they cuddle in bed while he dreams about Hope....notice she had tons of makeup on. Carly can now chuck his ass THANKS! Dick also pleads guilty to save Hope from testifying, I'd like to thank him for giving her less screen time.Go DICK!

Melanie is knitting and cursing, while Maggie is with her. They might have the coolest relationship on the show. Maggie tells her she is thinking of leaving Salem...BOO! I don't support this decision because Maggie is the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) in Salem! Vivian is still planning Sarcophagus fun times! Which leads me to my next sell: The Sarcophagus Drinking game!!! Vivian has said that word so much I say we start boozing it up!

Kate and Stefano chill at the Brady pub...okay why do they always go to a place where the owners HATE them? Also, they have money....stop slumming it!! Stefano sees Nicole and threatens her. He should have threatened to lock her up without booze because that is the only kind of threat that works on her since her life already sucks. So after another HALF HOUR, Rafe plays the damn CD. Can I get an AMEN?! Then Sami reacts and its boring as all hell. Who is this lady and what have they done with Sami Brady? She was all calm and wondering why EJ would do something like that. Then EJ starts shaking, blinking, and yelling about how Sami kept his dead baby away from him. Oh shut up! Sami then turns the adequate Sami Brady Red and FREAKS right back. However, EJ looks at her with the puppy eyes and says that he loves her and that is all that matters. This caused me to load up and clean my spare gun for Sami to use on EJ. I'm nice and she better return it in good condition.

Previews: Nicole says that she is a dead woman......No that is Hope.

Rafe tells Roman that he's gonna pay. By HE Rafe means EJ, and by PAY he means listen to Sami scream for another two days.

EJ tells Sami that he loves her, and she still loves him. Okay this is probably TRUE, however the our baby is dead thing gets you punished for a good long while. Yes you are hot EJ, but Sami needs to be pregnant with another man's baby before she reunites with you.

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