Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bold and the Boozing Nun

Stephanie almost gets caught by Melanie, but luckily it's Melanie she is dealing with so she gives her some stupid lie about hospital stuff. Stephanie cannot get into Dana Scott's medical file, so what does she do???? She calls a guy that looks like a girl!!! This guy looks like her brother without the bumpit. He also seems to want to sleep with her which is kinda weird because Stephanie is a boring freak. He seems willing to help her break into the hospital's medical records, but if she sleeps with this chick I will judge her harshly. Phillip learns that Nathan and Melanie working together at the free clinic. He thinks its really unsafe, but the rest of Salem is safe? Of course Melanie gets attacked by a homeless looking drug not Hope.

Rafe calls Victor to help him figure out how to get information out of Nicole. This was a HUGE waste of time. Victor just tells Rafe what we already know: that Nicole did porn and she always wants men to save her. DUH! Meanwhile, Nicole and Brady are having sex in the mansion. Oddly enough they stay in the living room where ANYONE can walk in!! Henderson was probably watching in the corner actually. When they finally get their cloths off Brady stops her and she's confused. He says he is done with you are supposed to say that AFTER you slept with her! He starts drinking, and tells her to get lost. Nicole goes to the bar to start drinking, and Rafe is ready to "help" her. Ewwwww! These two kissing might make me barf.

Stefano walks in on Sami and EJ making out. God I hope they use protection this time. Will is also disgusted by his mother getting married for the 33rd time. Sami and EJ go together to tell Caroline and Roman about their engagement. Caroline looks like she needs some booze, and Roman might need a colonoscopy. They both are not happy but Sami says she does not care. You would think they would be used to her screwing up by now. I say skip the wedding and get drunk in your own establishment! Stefano talks to Will about Sami and EJ getting married. He tells Will he accepts the marriage because of the family, and how he's gotten to know Will. Will looks flattered and might be in love with Stefano...kind of gross. This bromance is freaking me out. Stefano then talks to EJ about the kidnapping, and EJ tells him to shut up, as Sami walks in. Knowing Sami she was tone deaf for that whole minute.

Daniel is having a drink with Carly and shows her the bracelet he got for Chloe. Carly is very uncomfortable although it might be because of that tight ass shirt they gave her to wear. She leaves, and Daniel is confused as always. Chloe arrives and Daniel gives her one of her birthday gifts a day early. It's a baby's cup and accessories. Chloe takes a minute and realizes it is not for her but the baby she is pregnant with. She was also upset it was not purchased at Tiffany's. When Chloe excuses herself to possibly pee, the nun from St. Mary's comes in. WHAT THE HELL IS A NUN DOING IN A BAR?! Daniel asks this very question, and it seems like Sister Anne is a boozer. Half this town is an alcoholic or need to be an alcoholic. Chloe cannot believe her shitty luck and hides in the corner. Carly walks in confused as hell and gives Chloe the side eye to hide. Sister Anne says her goodbyes, and Carly is wondering why the nun is in the damn bar. Later on, Chloe and Carly discuss meeting tomorrow for the results, and Daniel overhears them. They should lie to Daniel and tell them they are going for Birthday Brunch!

Previews: Chloe says to Carly that Daniel should know the truth. Well great another lie and fake out to make us think she will tell Daniel the truth when she really won't. Meanwhile you have Stephanie probably going to change the test results and RUIN everything. This storyline CANNOT get worse can it?!

Hope says she's going to prison. DREAMS DO COME TRUE FREAKY FACE!!

Nicole tosses a drink into Rafe's face and says No. Probably not a word that she says that often considering her past. Nicole gets turned down by Brady, Rafe gets turned down by Nicole and Sami....this dude cannot win. Maybe he should try Kate because she rarely ever says

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