Friday, August 13, 2010

The Closet and the Restless Stephanie Trying to Breathe in It

Keeping it short and sweet for Friday seeing as how not much happened really.

Sami and EJ are planning their wedding. Apparently Sami wants ANOTHER LARGE wedding like she always has in Church. I don't understand how she is allowed to get married in Church again but WHATEVER! EJ wants to hurry up with the wedding which I am sure is Days writer's way of speeding up the anticipation of the big reveal that EJ was the kidnapper. However, it is not really all that exciting to be honest. Rafe is busy trying to figure out what Nicole's CD says. All you can hear is EJ sounding like Satan. Rafe figures out that EJ was the kidnapper but needs more proof from Nicole...who he will be seducing in a hot second. Sami and EJ tell Kate and Stefano the "great" news, and Kate almost choked to death like the rest of the town will when they find out.

Nicole is boozing it up with Rafe and tries to make him feel as crappy as she does. She should just show him a mirror to check out his eyebrows. Meanwhile, Brady is standing around wet and shirtless and Victor is like WTF. Victor thinks Brady is drinking because Hope beat him up. That's what I said! Victor lays into Brady for being upset at the Nicole situation and that he has feelings for her. Brady will NEVER learn, and has HORRIBLE taste in women. Nicole comes over and says she will go to the police and admit that she illegally obtained the cash. However, she is still lying about where the money came from. This chick never learns. Brady and Nicole start making out again, even though he is not sure he can trust her. Wouldn't it be funny if he sleeps with her and then dumps her all over again? Yeah it will happen.

Daniel wants to name his child after the Jonas brothers. Wow that wasn't a corny joke at all!! Jonas brothers....Dr. Jonas...GET IT?! Stephanie has been standing in the closet for so long she might keel over and die from lack of oxygen. Chloe calls Phil when Daniel leaves, and he comes over to discuss the baby some more. These two really want to get caught at this point. They bash Stephanie and then discuss how the baby might be his. Stephanie is freaking out in the closet and she should get locked in there for all eternity. Stephanie sneaks out and heads for St. Mary's to see if she can find out the results. Apparently her password for the regular hospital works at other hospitals....yeah that never happens people. Melanie and Daniel discuss how much she hates Stephanie, and then how she will be applying for the job at St. Mary's. Of Course, when Steph goes to St. Mary's she runs into Melanie. Okay someone shoot Steph for tampering with the DNA test like you know she will. Who the hell does she think she is Sami Brady?!

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