Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All My Rough Sex

Hope finds out that she is guilty of the muggings and of trying to kill Bo. Wow...whoever thought this was a good storyline idea...should be forced to watch it on repeat for an entire year! We may have found the perfect thing as a substitute for torture in Guantanamo Bay. She watches the video of herself and learns that she is thinner than she thought, but of course she still won't eat. Hopefully she goes to jail and gets beat up in the yard, gains 30 pounds and comes back as the old Hope. Hope is tired of hurting people and she knows what to do...however she took no consideration when it came to my eyes.

Phillip and Nathan spend time couple? Thanks for this pointless fake friendship. Stephanie thinks Phil is hiding something...out of everyone it is HER who figures this out...righttttttttt. Yes this is highly probable, and perhaps Stephanie should work for the police and FBI and figure more stuff out.

Carly takes Chloe to St. Mary's for her paternity test. FIELD TRIP!!! Chloe asks Carly to be the godmother of the baby....because she did such a great job of abandoning her children and as Brady's godmother. The fact that these two are bonding so quickly is amazing since it took Melanie and Carly SIX MONTHS to start bonding. Carly runs into someone who looks amazingly like Melanie from behind for help..OH WAIT IT IS YOUR DAUGHTER FROM BEHIND!! Daniel is there to see Donna Scott, not Dana Scott which is Chloe's alias. Carly clearly came up with that name and of course the files get mixed up and Daniel ends up in Chloe's room. Daniel introduced himself and Chloe freaks the fuck out. Apparently hiding directly behind the curtain is the only thing she can think of.

Dick is at the police station and somehow able to use his cell phone. Roman recognizes him from somewhere and Roman is a moron so that in itself is amazing. Nicole agrees to take care of Dick, while Brady goes through Nicole's financial stuff. When she returns she lies to him some more, so Brady decides its time to throw Nicole around in the sexual sense. The clothes come off, there is some dry humping, and some mouth covering. It would have been porn but there was no cheesy music as usual and I was disappointed. However Brady was shirtless and mean...he is smooth. After it is over he is really rude and Nicole is confused, but Brady says he hopes she enjoyed that because they are over! Well, I would have enjoyed that thanks!

Previews: Daniel says that he really needs to open this curtain. First off no one ever says that. Secondly, Chloe holds onto the curtain for dear life to the point she may have crapped herself. The look of fear on her face is comical as well as amazing since a damn curtain is separating them!

Nicole screams why she would lie because she didn't do anything. I love people who lie about lying and then get caught in more lies. Brady is so angry though he should "forgive" her, have rough sex with her AGAIN, and then dump her again.

Hope tells Ciara that she did something wrong....aside from giving birth to Ciara and dropping 80 pounds?

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