Thursday, August 5, 2010

General Hospital Curtain!

Hope cries, and cries, and then cries some more but doesn't really tell Ciara anything but Goodbye.....Mommy's going to the slammer WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The whole episode Bo and Hope hug the little creeper who does not get what the hell her mother is talking about. As if this child had not been through enough, now her mother has emotionally scarred her some more. Julie shows up and has no idea WTF is going on. Hope explains NOTHING and just says this is all her fault, but Julie blames Bo...she is the smart one in the family. Bo takes Hope to the station, where everyone stares at Hope and that God awful Bumpit.

Brady is angry at Nicole about the money thing, and yelling at her while she is half naked. Can either Brady take his clothes off or have Nicole put some on because this is just unbalanced! Angry Brady is so much more interesting than horny nice Brady. Also, I think he is smarter after sex, just a theory. So Nicole spends the whole time saying she can explain, but um does NOT explain. Brady takes her to the police station to admit how she got the money in the illegal account. At the station Nicole sees Dick...the guy not the ya know, and Roman and Brady can tell she is lying about not knowing he was alive. Before there can be an explanation Hope and Bo walk in, Dick says Hope, Nicole is like WTF is Hope wearing a bumpit for, and Hope wants to cry some more. It's been a busy day people.

Now the hospital incident...Oh LORD! One must ask themselves did Nadia Bjorlin practice on her curtains at home. Daniel tries to pull back the curtain but Chloe holds onto it for dear life, possibly peeing and pooing in the process. Chloe mouths OH GOD more times then she has in all of her sex scenes. Carly is wondering what the hell Melanie is doing there and how in the hell everyone in the damn hospital has the last name SCOTT! Melanie suspects her mother is hiding something, and Carly lies to Daniel some more telling him about the patient mix up and how her patient doesn't speak English. CAN THIS GET ANY CRAZIER?! Daniel does his consult, Chloe feels guilty, and Melanie doesn't get what the hell is going on. Daniel wants to apologize to "Dana", and Carly tries to stop him again while Chloe is back behind the damn curtain again!

Previews: Chloe asks Carly if she is going to back out of their deal. Well she just told Daniel you are a non English speaking Whore who needs a paternity test...telling the truth now would be STUPID! Carly and Chloe are lying so much that they are going to get caught in the dumbest way possible and everyone is going to hate them again. Unfortunately, I will have lost interest by then!

Melanie says she doesn't believe her. Assuming she means Carly, and its amazing that Melanie knows her mother so well now that she can tell when she is lying. AMAZING! Everyone is starting to like Carly which means she is soooooo screwed once the truth comes out. SCREWED! and not in a good Nicole in a motel room sort of way!

Hope tells everyone she was behind the muggings. Roman looks upset that Hope took him in a fight but let's face it most of the women in town can. Brady is also trying to figure out how Hope reached the top of his head when she is so much shorter than him. TONS of questions but they are mostly directed at Hope's weight and bumpit anyway.

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