Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As Hope Gets Away With Shit Again!

Hope! Hope, Hope, Hope, Hope! Apparently the woman needs to kill babies to piss everyone off. Everyone defends the freakishly thin woman, and the one person who says she should pay, gets looked at like she has 5 heads. Arianna testifies AGAINST Hope, and everyone is like Whatttttt?! However, Arianna is...say it with me now...RIGHT! If I attacked a cop because I was hopped up on sleeping pills I would end up going to jail for a LONG time! Bo, Justin, and everyone with their sorry ass faces defend Hope, and she only gets 2 years in jail. We'd get more time for TAX EVASION! Let's just pray there is an intense Prison beating scene, because that is the ONLY thing that can save this storyline.

Brady drinks his ass off, visits his mom's grave, drinks some more, and then gets in a fight with Sami. Yeah life is really tough for you Brady. All you do is drink and complain about how crappy your life is. Last time I checked you were rich and had tons of loved ones. WHAT A HORRIBLE LIFEEE. At least he tells Sami off for being engaged to EJ. Sami is horny, but the penguin stops her from getting it on. That and Johnny is a little pervert who likes to watch his parents make out. Sami gets EJ to agree to wait until their wedding night to have sex. Now of ALL times Sami wants to wait...poor EJ.

Arianna sees Rafe and Nicole flirting and she wants to throw up. They are making out and Arianna freaks and cannot believe what she is seeing. Rafe is NOT smooth and somehow Nicole must be really drunk to not even notice HOW BAD he is at flirting with her. When they get to her place he shoves her into the door basically and she face plants. Then in the room they continue to flirt and Nicole is suspicious....but they end up starting to do it anyway. Okay about this....EWWWWWWWWW!

Previews: Vivian tells Gus that she has a plan to get that phony out of Victor's life. Maggie is not phony! Now Caroline on the other hand....Maggie is PERFECT for Victor because she doesn't put up with his shit and gives it right back to him.

EJ tells Arianna that he and Sami are getting married. She looks like she is going to puke again. Seriously I had hopes for these two, but it doesn't look like it will happen. BOO and BAD writing.

Sami sees Nicole and Rafe all up on each other half naked. Not to beat a dead horse but...EWWWWWWW.

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