Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Days of Our Prisoner Visits

Hope is sitting in her extra large denim jumper and getting visited by Julie, Arianna, and then Doug. Julie and Doug are all about Hope being innocent and how they are going to stand by her. Do her a favor and get her a sandwich if you love her. The woman commits a crime and everyone stands by her. It figures. If Carly flipped and did this everyone would ask for the death penalty! Arianna is the only one who yells at Hope. She tells her she doesn't buy her innocent act and hope she pays for her crimes. Hope agrees with her...well that was uneventful! Arianna leaves but scares Hope and tells her how much prison sucks. Hope looks terrified to go to jail because she is fully aware she will be someone's bitch. Gaby wants Arianna to forgive Hope...and just for that I would slap my little sister.

Sami accepts EJ's proposal of marriage. EJ is all giddy. It's gross. The best part was when EJ had his shirt off all wet. Then he lost me once he put his shirt back on while they are sitting on the beach! Sami runs into Rafe at the beach, because all FBI guys go to walk on the beach during their breaks apparently. They are getting along fine and Sami mentions seeing Baker. That brings up the usual fighting between Rafe and Sami over EJ being the bad guy. I'm sorry but I am not a SAFE fan. I really tried because I am not a EJAMI supporter, but Rafe and Sami are boring. I wish Lucas would come back personally. Sami tells Will she is marrying EJ and he looks like he wants to throw up. EJ calls Stefano to tell him the news, and Rafe is there to overhear him. Life sucks for Rafe basically.

Chad confronts Stefano to talk about prostitutes....and Chad's mom. This makes Stefano uncomfortable so he leaves. Kate thinks Stefano shouldn't act like that because it raises Chad's suspicions. Ya think?! Will runs into Chad and they have their awkward sexual chemistry. Just kidding. Will wants Chad to help him with his job at DiMera Enterprises. Who knew Chad was smart with business...it must run in the family that he really belongs to or something. Chad then meets up with his dad who could really care less about his "son." He doesn't care what Chad does, and Kate overhears this and feels horrible for the guy. She tries cheering him up, and if she even thinks of getting cougar with him I'll kill her! Will meets with Stefano, who doesn't like his idea of bringing Chad in to help him. Will asks why but doesn't really get any real answers. Hopefully Stefano doesn't try to kill his newly found relative, although its clear he favors Will over Chad.

Previews: Bo tells EJ not to threaten his wife. I love how she is his wife when she is in trouble, but whenever he is with Carly she's just that lady he can no longer be with. MAKE UP YOUR MIND BO! Yes Hope is still his wife, but Bo just sucks and I will criticize every little thing he does and says!

Vivian says she may have to teach "you" a lesson. I am going to guess she means Maggie because Victor is all up in Maggie's business! Whatever! Vivian cannot stop the love train that is Maggie and Victor from happening. Best storyline on the show and the best written story currently on! They should be on more with their banter!

Rafe tels Sami that congratulations are in order. Sami looks surprised that Rafe found out as if Rafe has never found out she was hiding something before. You always get caught, and now you have Rafe even more pissed at you. Way to go Sami! She might be the queen of screwups and knock ups.

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